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Who’s Taking Part? – Sikh Environment Day 2020

To pay tribute to Guru Har Rai Sahib

Below are the shared plans as of how Sikhs are taking action during the week of March 14, 2020. 

If you’re planning to celebrate Sikh Environment Day, email us at [email protected] or find us online using #SED2020 or #SikhEnvironmentDay2020. 


Sikh Environment Day 2020 is a mode to give back to your “Mother Earth”. Every year we come up with some different ideas for celebrating this day, but we definitely require your participation as well. Please let us know your plans, and inspire us (and Sikhs around the world) with your actions.

Targeting the following

  • Indian States
  • Sikh communities in different countries

Please Find Below activities people are doing on March,14.

  • Project Clean Stream at Marvin Gayle Park, Washington, DC
  • Kirtan Samagam at Sabah vala pandal.
  • 6th Annual Flower Show SpringFest on 28th February 2020 at Doraha Public School.
  • Sri Guru Harkrishan International School, Barnala is celebrating Sikh Environment Day on March 15 by interaction with students on Environment.
  • Anju Bagga Board Member of EcoSikh is celebrating Sikh Environment Day with the Aashirwad group of Kids.
  • Gurdwara Model Gram, Ludhiana is organising Kirtan Samagam for Sikh Sangat.
  • Harmeet Kaur Gujrat is celebrating SED with kids of their Colony and interacting with them on Environment.
  • Eco-Riders from Jammu are celebrating SED by organizing Bicycle Rally on 22nd of March
  • Harman Singh Banglore is celebrating SED by organizing plantation Drive.

Clock Tower, Amritsar

In the holy city, Amritsar at the surrounding of Shri Darbar Sahib project of terrace gardening is in process on the occasion of Sikh Environment Day to save the mother earth, this project is initiated by Akal Purakh Ki Fauj Panthak Talmel Sangathan.

Thikriwala, Barnala

Fourth Environment Day is being celebrated to make all the residents aware of the well-being of the human and animal environment. Kathavachak Rajinderpal Singh Parowal and Thadi Jatha Basant Singh Khalsa will link Gurma’s Sangat with Guru history. Sring Master Surjit Singh Thikriwala will be honored. 05 March 2020 Hours are 5 pm to 11 pm Pandal Thikriwala with a meeting place

Doraha Public School, Doraha, Ludhiana

In Doraha, Doraha Public School is going to organize

  • 6th Kindergarten Sports Day
  • 6th Annual Flower Show
  • Shabad Gayan competition along with
  • Expert talk by Balwinder Singh Lakhewali (Environmentalist and ATMA Project Director).

Istri-Satsangh celebrates the Sikh Environment Day dedicated to Guru Har Rai Ji’s Gurtagaddi Diwas.
On this occasion, Istri-Satsang organizes a Gurbani Quiz Contest at Gurdwara Singh Sabha Block-E, BRS Nagar, Ludhiana.

Washington DC, America

EcoSikh Washington DC team celebrating Sikh Environment Day under the project clean stream at Marvin Gayle Park, Washington DC this is a great effort that helps us to follow the teachings of Guru Nanak to help preserve our environment.

Guru Nanak Public School, Alampur, Howrah celebrated World Sikh Environment Day during the week of March 14 in our School Campus with the students by conducting the celebrations/activities on the environment which are listed below:

  1. Kirtan by Students in Gurdwara (Green Diwan)
  2. Organic Langar
  3. Sapling distribution
  4. Plantation
  5. Poster making on Environment Awareness
  6. Pledge on saving and caring environment
  7. Video on a skit played by students (Pawan Guru Paani P

Khalsa English High School, Kolkata is celebrating Sikh Environment Day in June with the students and teachers on a large scale

Banglore 15-20 youth members under the guidance of Harman Singh are celebrating Sikh Environment Day on 15th March Cubbon Park by distributing herbal medicinal plants among the public.

Datar Education Trust Bathinda celebrating this Sikh Environment Day on 14th of March by organizing Akhand Path,  cycle march from Bathinda to Gurdwara Shri Har Rai Sahib Ji, Har Raipur village along with plantation drive on the way of Gurdwara Sahib of Har Raipur. In this event, more than 700 people are participating. 

Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, Ludhiana celebrating this Sikh Environment Day by organizing interaction sessions on the environment, cleaning Stream project on the 16th of March in which more than 100 students and teachers are participating.

Baba Banda Singh Bahadur Engineering College, Fatehgarh Sahib is celebrating Sikh Environment Day on 14th March 2020 with the help of students and teachers.

Gurudwara Singh Sabha  Sarabha Nagar, BRS Nagar, Ludhiana is organizing plantation drive around Gurdwara Sahib with the coordination od Sangat.

Kirtan Samagam on the eve of Gurgaddi Diwas of Guru Har Rai Ji and Sikh Environment Day Blackburn Gurdwara & Guru Nanak Satsang Gurdwara, Melbourne, Australia.

AIPL (Advance India Private Limited), Khanna celebrating this Sikh Environment Day by planting a Guru Nanak Sacred Forest.

Kirtan Diwan in the Gurudwara Shri Guru Teg Bahadur Sahib, Patran, Patiala on the nature theme in the celebration of Sikh Environment Day.

U.K. Sikhs to plant 5000 Trees on Sikh Environment Day

EcoSikh launched the celebration of Sikh Environment Day celebration in 2010 and now it has become a global phenomenon. Last year, 5000 Sikh Gurdwaras, schools, colleges, institutions and Sunday Schools around the globe celebrated this day by taking various actions to save the environment in the name of Guru Har Rai, the 7th Sikh Guru.

This day is dedicated to his Gurtagaddi diwas(enthronement day).

Please organize any of the 7 activities to restore nature such as Read Gurbani on nature, nature walk/bicycle rally, organic langar, stop plastic use, repair leaky taps & save water, use LED lights or go solar, and plant trees or forest.