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Here is the first of the green gurbani we are collecting and publishing in advance of March 14th. A translation into English is below. Below you will find a link to our booklet on green gurbani, titled Eak Bageecha.

(This gurbani shabad is in the musical measure Raag Aasa by Guru Arjun Dev Ji)

There is a garden.
It has so many plants created within it.
And each bears the sweet-nectared
Naam as its fruit. ||1||

Consider this, O wise one,
In this garden you may seek the means by which to attain eternal bliss.
O brothers and sisters of Destiny,
This garden has dark pools of poison here and there,
But it also contains the ambrosial nectar within it. ||1||Pause||

There is only one gardener who tends it.
He takes care of every leaf and branch. ||2||
He brought all these plants and planted them there.
They all bear fruit – none is without fruit. ||3||
The one who receives the ambrosial fruit of the Naam
From the Guru – O Nanak,
Such a servant has a way to pass over the ocean of illusion. ||4||5||56||

(Translation by Albel Singh)

Eak Bageecha: A Gurbani Compilation on the Environment

Eak Bageecha is a compilation of shabads from the Guru Granth Sahib on the Environment. The Guru cares for, nurtures, and resides within nature, and expects us to be more caring about our environment in every aspect of our lives. The purpose of this book is to inspire us to be more considerate towards our environment in all of our daily dealings and decisions. As the Guru asked us, we can and should take steps on an individual basis to bring back the lost glory of our garden, making this earth a better place to live, not only for human beings, but for all of Creation.

Click to Download – Eak Bageecha – Punjabi

Click to Download – Eak Bageecha – Introduction in English