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Frequently Asked Questions

EcoSikh is dedicated to restore our environment so that nature survives till eternity.

We Operate in various Countries with the help of respective Governments and their Citizens.

Following are some of the most common Questions asked by people with regards to Guru Nanak Sacred Forest and other EcoSikh Programs.


How to donate on our site using your form ?

Visit our Donation Page
1. Enter the Amount
2. Enter your Name and Email Address
3. Submit and Wait for Comformation.

How to Donate for Guru Nanak Sacred Forest ?

Visit our Guru Nanak Sacred Page and know about Having your own Forest
Call us at +9184273-19268

Do I need to be in India to Donate ?

No, You can donate from all countries but if you want to donate specifically in India then you need to visit our Donation page (INDIA) for more information.


How much does a Guru Nanak Sacred Forest Costs ?

It depends upon place where you want forest, Specifically in Punjab it would cost below Rs. 75000 to have 550 Trees in around 1 Acre of Land.

How much time does it take to be a Fully grown Forest ?

We follow Miyawaki Forest technique which uses Native Species for Forest which take nearly 18-24 Months to be a fully grown forest.

Can I cut my forest ?

No, you can not destroy forest as it would be a crime against Nature.


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