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USA Board Members

Our Board of Directors is composed of highly distinguished and accomplished leaders and innovators who provide overall direction and leadership to EcoSikh. Our board members are essential in determining how our organization meets challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Rajwant Singh
Global President
Dr. Rajwant Singh is the founder and President of EcoSikh. Dr. Singh is also the Chairman of the Sikh Council on Religion and Education (SCORE), Communications Director of the Sikh Human Development Foundation, and Secretary of the Guru Gobind Singh Foundation in Maryland. In the past, Dr. Singh has also held the presidency of the Interfaith Conference of Metropolitan Washington, where he convened faith communities in DC for joint discussions. Dr. Singh currently resides in the Washington, DC Metro Area with his wife and two children.
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Gunpreet Singh
As a mom and pediatrician, I deeply care about children. I realize the importance of global warming and how it is going to negatively impact the future of our kids. There is a risk of diseases, human displacement, lack of food, and drinking water in the near future.  
I am humbled by the teaching and vision of our Gurus who cared so deeply about the environment, preaching that God himself lives in his creation. Pawan Guru Pani Pita, Mata Dharat Mahut.
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Ameeta Kaur Vohra
Vice President
My name is Ameeta Kaur Vohra. An Accounting graduate from George Mason University, I am presently a senior staff accountant at TLC Cancer Clinic in York, Pennsylvania. I reside in Baltimore, Maryland with my husband and son. While I have always been concerned with harmful effects emanating from a polluted environment, my learning that roughly 80 percent of all cancers are caused by involuntary exposures to environmental factors, has made me further conscious of the need to have a safe, clean and a healthy environment. It was primarily this awareness combined with my faith-based values to respect air as our Guru, water as our father and earth as our mother (as recited in Jap Ji Sahib: Pawan Guru, Panni Pita, Mata Dharat Mat) prompted and led me to join the volunteer team of EcoSikh–  an entity constituted in 2009 at the initiative of United Nations Development Program(UNDP) and the Alliance of Religions and Conservation (ARC) to promote and initiate environment cleaning projects through the integration of religious teachings in such drives. Associated with EcoSikh since 2016, my role as a volunteer provides me a sense of pride and gratitude for having been a part of the environment saving noble and cause and thus contributing a littlest of my share towards this virtuous and worthy initiative.
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Rasna Kaur
Executive Director
I Rasna, a banker by profession, understand that Global Warming and Environment protection are burning issues in the world. Be it melting of glaciers, rising of ocean levels/ submerging of shore areas, or rising temperatures which can alter the complete ecology of the globe. Based on the little knowledge of Gurbani I would say that our Gurus identified the problem before it even emerged as a global issue and offered solutions in various verses. I would like to pay my gratitude to our Gurus by following and showing the right path to human beings and leading the life of doing more with less. I am focused and dedicated to protecting the environment by reducing plastic and toxic waste. These are the ones which cause maximum damage to our planet. The idea of EcoSikh has further brought enthusiasm in me to contribute to society through this organization and I would do my best.
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Manpreet Singh
Manpreet Singh is a financial services professional at Golden Health & Life Solutions. She has over 12 years of experience in helping individuals and companies achieve their financial goals, through insurance & retirement plans. She completed her BSc in Environmental Science from Delhi University in India. She currently resides in the Washington DC area with her husband and two kids. Global warming along with pollution of air, water, and land has always been an area of great concern to her. Especially, the excessive use of pesticides in Punjab, that have been labeled as the leading cause of cancer. She strongly believes in the teachings of Gurbani: to preserve and protect the environment, which inspired her to join the EcoSikh team at her local gurudwara. She feels blessed with the opportunity to be part of the EcoSikh global mission: to help save Mother Earth, in order to make it a sustainable place for future generations to come.
Ph: 240-383-0020
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Bhavdeep Bajaj
Cleanliness is next to Godliness. We should keep our air, water, and soil-free of pollution. As we are answerable to WaheGuruji (God) for our actions, I, Bhavdeep Bajaj, personally believe that we should leave Earth in a better state than we came in; that is the least we owe our generations to come. I encourage people I meet to make themselves and Earth healthier through actionable changes to have a happy life.
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