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Tavleen Foundation Releases Eco-Book in honour of Guru Har Rai Sahib

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Tavleen Foundation releases a 13 page PDF booklet for March-2013, Sikh Environment Day, dedicated to Guru Har Rai Sahib on his Gurgaddi Diwas  who inspired people to care for nature and who’s legacy provided one of the most inspiring models for our ecological consciousness.
This little booklet throws light on various prospects of environment to practice and make contribution for our living planet. Every page has a different thought to feel and digest; it speaks on how we feel when there is a power cut, how being vegetarian is being earth friendly, how water is so precious and its worth will grow in future, and various other thoughts like travelling and carbon footprint and many more.
In the past years on Sikh Environment Day, Tavleen foundation has conducted kirtan darbars, seminars and activities for kids to connect them to nature. This year they will be distributing this Tavleen Eco-Book in sangat and inspire them to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle. Happy Sikh Environment Day -2013.
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