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Sikh Environment Day (Vatavaran Diwas) Report 2012 – Achievements and Milestones

Sikh Environment Day (Vatavaran Diwas) Report 2012: Achievements and Milestones  is now available for download.
This year the celebrations were extraordinary and moving. Sikh leaders, families, teachers, officials, journalists and many others responded to the call to celebrate the second Sikh Environment Day on the Gurgaddi Diwas of Guru Har Rai Ji on March 14, 2012. Not only was the record for participation broken, but Sikhs can be proud as a community, that today, as a result of their actions, there are many more trees being cared for on this planet, there are new gardens, new environment education materials, new reflections on nature, and perhaps most importantly there are many thousands of individuals and families who are more aware of how the environment is a Sikh issue, an issue which each of us has to respond to, rather than waiting for governments.
This year Sikhs celebrated the second Sikh Environment Day with the incredible number of more than 1,000 institutions participating – more than double the participation recorded in the first Sikh Environment Day in 2011. From Gurdwaras to businesses, schools to families, this year’s celebrations were the biggest yet.