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Sikh Environment Day -2022 Who’s Taking Part!

Since 2011, Sikh community globally, has been taking action on nature preservation and to commemorate the environmental legacy of Sri Guru Har Rai Ji during the week of March 14, the World Sikh Environment Day. Internationally countries which are celebrating this event are Canada, India, USA, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Norway, France, Czech Republic, UAE, Kenya, Australia, Dubai, Sweden, Hong Kong, Singapore and many more.

We appeal to you to celebrate this day in Gurdwaras, schools, colleges and communities.

Suggestive Ways:

  • Katha-Kirtan Divan on Nature
  • Seminars or Expert Lectures
  • Tree Plantation / Plant a Guru Nanak Sacred Forest
  • Nature Walk and Trail Clean-ups
  • Organic Langar
  • Use LED lights and Solar Energy
  • Reduce Plastic Use
  • Youth Activities: Lend a Garden in Gurdwara, Seed/Buta Prasad, Painting Contest, Stories of Guru Har Rai Ji, etc.
  • Screening of short movie.


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British Columbia

Gurdwara Singh Sabha, Surrey is celebrating World Sikh Environment Day on March 12 and 13 in which various activities like Poster Making Contest, Kirtan Diwan, Expert Talks, Short Movie and Seed Parshad will be distributed. The schedule for the same is as follows:


Guru Angad Dev Elementary School, Surrey, Canada is celebrating World Sikh Environment Day for the week of March 14 with students participating in various activities like Kirtan Diwan, Poetry, Speech, Expert Lecture, Poster Making, Little Gardener Short Movie, PowerPoint Presentations and many more activities.



Gurdwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha, Cambridge is celebrating Sikh Environment Day on March 6, 2022 with Kirtan-Katha Diwan and Expert Lecture on Climate Change.



Waterloo Gurughar is organizing a special Katha-Kirtan Diwan in tribute to Guru Har Rai Ji for March 5 and 6.



Gurdwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha, Malton is organizing Kirtan Diwan, Talk on Environment, Photo Exhibition on Punjab’s Native Trees to create awareness about importance of preserving nature and biodiversity in ecosystem.



SARB AKAL TV is an online platform having a subscriber base of 78,000 followers, and share Gurmat Vichar with the sangat every day. They will conduct a program to create awareness about Sikh Environment Day and Environment Conservation.


Sangat in Norway is planning to launch EcoSikh Norway Website to create environmental awareness on March 14, 2022 with a project to create saplings and distribute it during whole summer.


Sikh Naujawan Sabha Malaysia is organizing nature walk, composting and sustainability workshop, in collaboration with Biji-Biji and are inviting the sangat to join them on March 13, 2022.




Paul Fernandes is planning to have Nature Walks in Guru Nanak Sacred Forests in Ten Biodiversity Park, Maharashtra


Evershine Nagar Gurdwara Sahib, Malad, Mumbai is organizing Katha-Kirtan Diwan on March 14 and March 29 to celebrate the contributions of Guru Har rai Sahib Ji towards Nature and care for Humanity.

Shri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara, Dadar, Mumbai is celebrating the Sikh Environment Day by creating awareness among sangat through gurmat diwan about climate change and environment conservation.


Bala Pritam Bal Sewak Jatha and Gurdwara C Block, Hari Nagar, New Delhi are celebrating this event for 3 days. They are inviting everyone to join them on

March 12, 2022 – Kirtan Darbar (On Nature)

March 13, 2022- Documentary Movie followed by Expert Talk on Nature

March 14, 2022- Rally on Nature/Save Environment along with the distribution of plants (Boota Parshad)



Gurdwara Shri Guru Singh Sabha, Sabzi Mandi in collaboration with Municipal Corporation Delhi is organizing an awareness rally on March 14 in which people will go on bicycles or on foot for 3 KMS to promote Green solutions to commuting starting from Sector 46 to Uniworld Garden and sangat will plant 3000 trees to maintain that green belt.


Swaran Singh Nishanchi, Volunteer Co-ordinator, EcoSikh in Hyderabad is organizing Drawing Competition based on nature theme in schools. Schools participating in this event are


  • Guru Nanak High School, Sikh Chawni, Attapur
  • Guru Nanak High School, Himayat Nagar

Sikh Education Society, Central Gurdwara Saheb Gawliguda, Deccan Sikhs Foundation are coming together to make this event a great success.

All Gurdwaras associated with these organizations will remember Guru Har Rai Ji’s contribution with Katha-Kirtan Diwan and will pledgeto reduce plastic in gurdwaras.




Gurmat Gian Missionary College celebrated Sikh Environment Day on March 6, 2022 with Katha-Kirtan Diwan in tribute to Guru Har Rai Ji and urged the sangat to celebrate this day by planting trees and cleaning surroundings.


DAV Public School is having a tree plantation drive on March 14 to mark this occasion in and around the school premises with students and engage them in environmental talks.


Gurdwara Singh Sabha, Sarabha Nagar is celebrating this day on 13th and 14th March, 2022 engaging sangat in various activities like

  • Katha-Kirtan Diwan
  • Organic Langar
  • Tree Plantation
  • Bicycle Rally
  • Art Competition for kids

Details for the event are as follows –


Chardikala Club is organizing an organic waste composting drive on March 14 in Urban Vihar, Dugri in which their team will educate the sangat about the importance of composting and its methods. Residents who will bring compost from their homes will be given plants as token of appreciation.


Istri Sangat is celebrating this day on March 14 by having a Kirtan Diwan dedicated to Guru Har Rai Ji followed by Organic Langar. Buta Prashad will be distributed to sangat.


Gurdwara Sahib, E Block, BRS Nagar is organising Katha-Kirtan Diwan on March 13 and 14 to mark this occasion and will urge the sangat to adopt plastic free lifestyle.


Bhai Gursharan Singh Ji Ludhiana Wale will educate sangat about Sikh Environment Day in Armitvala Diwans and will request the sangat to plant trees.


Guru Nanak International Public School, Model Town, Ludhiana is planning to organise tree plantation drive, along with expert lecture to educate students about climate change and its effect on earth.


Ecomela is organising Sustainable Spring Mela to create awareness about eco-friendly products among people at affordable prices in Gurdwara Singh Sabha, Sarabha Nagar on March 13 and 14. More than 10 NGOs will participate in this event to create awareness about sustainability and environment protection.




Manjit Singh, a local resident, has pledged to plant 300 trees in Ludhiana at places where other residents can take care of the plants.


Sikh Missionary College, Sector 46, Chandigarh Road is celebrating this event on March 22 with Katha-Kirtan Diwan and will share about Guru Har Rai Ji’s teachings about nature and humanity with students and sangat.




Lyallpur Khalsa College for Women, Jalandhar is organising activities for whole week. List of activities are as follows


Sr. No. Activity Date
1. Nature walk 9/3/2022
2. Plantation Drive 11/3/2022
3. Lecture on Importance of Utilising Solar Energy 13/3/2022
4. Katha-Kirtan Diwan 14/3/2022



Fatehgarh Sahib


Baba Banda Singh Bahadur Engineering College, Fatehgarh Sahib is dedicating the entire day to celebrate this day in their college. The schedule is as follows



SBBS Khalsa School, Jagraon is celebrating World Sikh Environment Day by creating awareness about Guru Nanak Sacred Forest through Nature Walks of students and Tree Plantation.


Kalgidhar Sewak Jatha is organizing a Kirtan Diwan and tree plantation will distribute Organic Langar to Sangat on March 14.


Shaheed Baba Deep Singh Yadghar Youth Sports Club is planning to organize nature walks and tree plantation on the eve of World Sikh Environment Day.



Jagdeep Singh, a local resident of Mukerian, Hoshiarpur along with local residents have planned to distribute plants to people to adopt them and take care.


Voice of Amritsar is organizing awareness talk to the sangat to give them knowledge about environment protection and save the Mother Earth.

Akal Academy, Basarke is planning for tree plantation and expert lecture to sensitize students about climate change and importance of nature.