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Sikh Environment Day, 2011 – A huge thank you list

We would like to thank and mention the many participants, supporters and well-wishers throughout the world who contributed to make the March 14th event such a huge success. So much goodwill, so much volunteering, so much sewa. Please see the list here.

We are thankful to Guru and Guru ki sangat for filling us all with high spirits and courage to walk on this challenging path and work together in protection of Mata dhart.
We would also like to mention our special thanks to all the people in the media and social media – journalists, bloggers, writers, facebookers and twitterers – all around the world who multiplied the campaign’s strength by spreading the word about March 14th. And thanks to all whose names might be still missing from the list and those who contributed silently. We look forward to work together again next year – EcoSikh!
March 14th 2011 EcoSikh Thank You List
PHOTO: Meeting at Sultanpur Lodhi. Courtesy of EK ONKAR Charitable Trust