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Sikh Body Vows to Save Environment

A group of Sikhs living abroad have come up with what they call “a Sikh response to help preserve the environment that is integral in the teachings of the Guru Granth Sahib”. ‘EcoSikh’, as this global Sikh environmental initiative has been called, will target 100 gurdwaras in the state that will be asked to take a “green gurdwara pledge”. They will then become a part of the movement that aims at spreading environmental awareness making the gurdwaras as a platform.
Washington-based banking professional Gurpreet Singh, one of the people behind the movement, is currently in Punjab to oversee the implementation of the alliance between UK-based Religions and Conservation and US-based Sikh Council on Religion and Education. This alliance has set-up one office in Ludhiana and another one in Washington. The first target of EcoSikh is to help gurdwaras introduce greener practices in their community kitchens.
Though collaboration with the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandak Committee and Delhi Gurdwara management Committee is underway, EcoSikh has already signed an MoU with the Amritsar district administration to bring the city under cover of the “green pilgrim cities” – a project of the United Nations Development Programme.
Ravneet Pal Singh, project manager (India) for EcoSikh based in Ludhiana, says: “Gurdwaras like the Maryland Gurdwara in the US have contributed a lot in reducing carbon footprint by introducing greener practices on the premises. Similar initiatives would be introduced in about 100 gurdwaras in the state.
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