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Seven Easy Steps to a Clean and Green Nagar Kirtan in Your City

EcoSikh Green Nagar kirtan Title picEvery year there are hundreds of Nagar Kirtan processions throughout India to celebrate the major birthdays, martyrdom days and enthronements of Sikh Gurus. But most of our Nagar Kirtans in India are not clean. Often it’s not because people don’t care, it’s just because they haven’t thought about it, or there aren’t the bins or infrastructure.
But now, thanks to an initiative by Sikhs in Amritsar and beyond, there’s a solution.
You want to organize a Clean and Green Nagar Kirtan? Please click the links below to see how to do it – and there’s a powerpoint too so you can inspire others to do the same:
How to make a clean and green Nagar Kirtan (PDF) (1.5Mb)
PowerPoint Show (3Mb)

Let’s make our religious processions cleaner.
Let’s leave the streets cleaner and greener than before the Nagar Kirtan, so the holy procession is truly a blessing to everywhere it has passed through…

For more information kindly contact us at [email protected]

Happy Gurpurabs!
EcoSikh team

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