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Residents Joined Hands Towards Reviving Biodiversity in Amritsar Park

DSC01953January 4, 2014; The Sikh Gurus laid a path for us which leads to a world where all creation can live in harmony. Less often we see communities coming forward to revive our rich traditions of composting the green waste and caring the birds, butterflies, bees and fireflies who have nearly lost their habitats from Punjab lands. Checkout the soul filled news from a resident park in Amritsar, where people joined hands and created an exceptional park in the city partaking in EcoAmritsar vision of making the holy city environmentally sustainable.
Green Avenue Residents seem to join hands with EcoAmritsar to re-designate their local park as an Eco-friendly Park to make their surroundings green. The park has been specially designated as a bird-feed area, special arrangements are made for water and ‘daana’ to feed the birds.
Specific varieties of plants have been planted suitable to all climates. They pledged not to use any pesticides and fertilizers, but only organic inputs. Also dustbins have been put up for responsible citizens to use. It would help in changing the eco-system of the area as well as the city. This example motivates and encourages  every neighbourhood to not dump waste by the park side and instead take the responsibility to maintain greenery.
Bird Feeding point EcoAmritsar Dustbin at Green Ave EcoAmritsar
Individual efforts have earlier, too, been successful examples of taking responsibility of greenery in the city. The recently developed rose garden also was opened with the prospect of increasing foliage and greenery in the city. In this over scheduled world we need all the help we can get to stay calm, healthy and motivated for the rat race of life. Interestingly enough, that’s where trees, greenery and plants in your home or work come in to play. Plants and greenery in the work place can boost morale and productivity while reducing stress. Researchers agree, having plants in your work and home will make you a happier more vibrant person. So introduce more greenery into your life! Go green and be happy!
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