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Report: EcoSikh's Punjab Environment Summit in Ludhiana

Baba Seechewal addressing the participants

SEPTEMBER 13, 2011: EcoSikh hosted its first ever environment summit in Ludhiana this summer for the grass root environment organizations to build up a Punjab-wide network and to encourage cooperation among the various sections of society to save and ensure Punjab’s green and healthy future. Read the full story here.
EcoSikh is the newest of the international organizations which inspires and connects the Sikh community for environmental activism for protection and action against the global warming. EcoSikh links the Sikh beliefs and values for caring about the Earth.
The grass root environment organizations, activists, Government agencies, Industrialists, doctors and educationists from throughout the Punjab gathered to network building at Ramgariah Girls College, Millar Ganj, Ludhiana. The prominent environment figure, Baba Balbir Singh Seechewal who is well known for protecting and cleaning the waters of Punjab came to encourage the attendees’.
Addressing the participants, Dr. Rajwant Singh, convener EcoSikh, appealed that EcoSikh is here to facilitate a platform for the Punjab environment heroes join hands, grow as network and stand for our common cause.
“Clean environment and clean air and water is a basic human right and everyone has the right to these basic necessity. It has become an urgent issue for the future of Punjab,” he added.
“No action is no longer an option and we must support each other to bringing activism in all aspects of society.”
“All Sikhs of Guru Nanak are EcoSikhs and environment is a cause of helping the entire humanity (Sarbat da Bhalla) and all religions should stand up to save the Punjab to revive its green splendor and spread this message from their religious centers.”
“All religious personalities should join to become the voice of the voiceless in Punjab.”
“Public awareness regarding environment is one of the major tasks ahead of any worthwhile environmental work in Punjab”
Here is a link to the participants of this event.

Participants 2nd July EcoSikh Summit