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Punjab Youth Commit to Action on Climate at EcoSikh Workshop

EcoSikh Ludhiana Workshop201500004
July 28, 2015 Ludhiana: Over 35 young environmental leaders participated in a workshop hosted by EcoSikh at the Black Pearl Sarabha Nagar. The workshop was aimed to empower the emerging environmental leaders of Punjab in tracking the issues, team building and planning action for environmental preservation in the light of upcoming UN Paris summit on Climate Change in December 2015. Youth leaders from Ludhiana, Moga, Chandigarh, Mohali, Fazilka, Delhi, Ferozpur and Amritsar joined to get training on environmental advocacy and leadership skills.
EcoSikh Ludhiana Workshop201500003EcoSikh President, Dr. Rajwant Singh from Washington DC, who was recently invited by French President at Paris for UN Framework for Climate Action, interacted with the attendees. Dr. Singh not only discussed how climate change is effecting so many nations but also discussed how various faith groups are coming forward with their own climate action plan. Said Dr. Rajwant, “Punjab youth (see video) is the hope of Punjab’s ecology. Punjab is facing severe environmental challenges including reduction of ground water table, land pollution due to dangerous level of pesticide and chemical usage in farming and air pollution. This requires young people to take responsibility to be the leaders to create a better future of Punjab.  I am thrilled to see environmental activity regarding saving Sidhwan canal, plantation programmes and clean up drives in Ludhiana, Chandigarh, Amritsar and the way youth leaders taking action on nagar kirtans during religious celebrations throughout Punjab.
EcoSikh Ravneet Singh Workshop Ludhiana-2015EcoSikh India Project Manager, Ravneet Singh who conducted the “Dealing with Press” session during the workshop said, “Social media is not enough, the traditional newspapers have a very huge readership and emerging leaders needs to be trained and gain experience to achieve with press.”
Harjinder Singh Kukreja, a well known businessman, who sponsored the event, conveyed his congratulatory words for Dr. Rajwant Singh for his services in promoting education and environmentalism in Sikhs. Amongst the participating  organisations were; Clean Sidhwan, SHDF, Young Flares, Nadar Foundation, VMAD and environmental leaders from local colleges and business groups.
Short video clips from the workshop:

  • Watch Gouravdeep Singh expressing his views on how his parents feel about him when he indulges himself in social service.
  • Gursahib Singh representing personal stories from his group during the workshop.
  • Sandeep Kumar, a youngster belonging to a farmer family from Fazilka sharing the benefits of bicycling in his own simple language.
  • Young Punjabis  expressing their views on change.

Links from Press:

Pictures from the workshop below, for more videos and pictures go to our Flickr:
Harnavbir Singh at EcoSikh Ludhiana Workshop 2015 EcoSikh Ludhiana Workshop-2105EcoSikh Ludhiana Workshop201500005 Gurleen Kaur EcoSikh Ludhiana Workshop 2015
EcoSikh Ludhiana Workshope-exp1 EcoSikh Ludhiana Workshop201500002
EcoSikh Ludhiana Workshop201500001 EcoSikh Ludhiana Workshop-2015 24