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Who’s Taking Part? – Sikh Environment Day 2018

Below are the shared plans as how Sikhs are taking action during the week of March 14 to pay tribute to Guru Har Rai Sahib. 

If you’re planning to celebrate Sikh Environment Day, email us at [email protected] or find us online using #SED2018 or #SikhEnvironmentDay2018. 


Sikh Environment Day 2018 is a mode to give back to your Mother “Earth”. Every year we come up with some different ideas for celebrating this day, but we definitely require your participation as well. Please let us know your plans, and inspire us (and Sikhs around the world) with your actions.

Targeting the following

  • 21 Indian States
  • 19 countries




Village Har Raipur

A massive plantation drive will be conducted by a dedicated group of people at Village Har Raipur, Bathinda. Sangat from Village Har Rai pur have created saplings by themselves which will be planted along the roadside. This group will be creating awareness among the  people from all age groups. They will be carrying plants on cycles to the site where plantation will be done.

Dataar Educational and Environmental trust (regd.), will be organizing a cycle rally on 13th March. It will commence from Gurdwara Qila Mubarak Sahib at 7 AM, and will conclude at Gurdwara Lakhi Jangal Sahib, Bathinda.


Sangat from Village – Thikriwala (Barnala) will be again celebrating Sikh Environment Day this year on 14th March 2018. Likewise last year celebrations they will be distributing 1000 plants as “Boota Prashad” after program.


Dr Mandeep along with Guru Gobind Singh Study Circle has created a comprehensive plan for celebrating Sikh Environment Day at Guru Nanak Khalsa College.

  • 11 AM – 12 Noon Seminar on Environment Protection
  • 12 – 1 PM Tree plantation in college premises.
  • 4 PM – 5 PM Tree Plantation along with tree guards in Tehsil Complex.
  • 6:30 PM – Nehru Park, screening of “A Little Gardener”.
  • Inauguration of a dawakhana dedicated to Guru Har Rai ji. In order to serve mankind, medicines will be provided at nearly 10% of original cost.

Adesh University


SBS College in Ferozepur is celebrating Sikh Environment Day at a grand level. They will hold a seminar for students of college and Bibi Inderjit Kaur will be sharing her views with the faculty and students. Various activities will be carried out in the campus for the students.

Fatehgarh Sahib 

Baba Banda Singh Bahadur College have planned celebration for a fortnight. Commencing with a Sehaj Path on 9th March and concluding with magnificent celebrations on 21st March, that includes

  • Vehicle free day
  • Green dress code
  • Landscaping around civil department
  • Kirtan based on nature
  • Organic Langar to be served in steel plates/pattals
  • Expert Lecture by Ravneet Singh
  • Placing bird pots outside staff rooms in the corridors. Reviving those installed last year and adding new ones to the existing number.


BG Cancer Roko Sewa Society

This society will be planting 2 trees (either peepal or Banayan tree) on all bus stands in Distt Faridkot. They will also carry out a plantation drive on Amritsar Faridkot National highway, which will be flagged off on 14th March

Fruit trees of jamun and guava are to be distributed at Gurdwara Baba Farid, to mark the enthronement day of Guru Har Rai Ji.


Harpreet Shahbaaz Singh with Vigaas Foundation will be celebrating Sikh Environment Day by creating plantation drives with his groups across the Punjab.


Gurdwara Sri Kalgidhar Singh Sabha, phase 4, SAS Nagar will be celebrating World Sikh Environment Day on 14th March, Wednesday. The celebration includes distribution of  free fruits and flower trees.

Dedicated to Guru Har Rai ji, a special Ayurvedic camp and homeopathy camp will be organised to distribute free medicines.

They are organizing an exhibition of Organic Material that includes Desi Ghee, honey, Flour, Vegetables, Fruit etc.

Ek tu hi society

Gagandeep Kaur from Ek tu hi Society will be holding a Green diwaan in two gurdwaras nearby. Also, they will  be putting up a stall for boota prashad and will make people aware of the climate change occurring on Earth due to human actions. A plantation drive will be carried out in the barren land. They will take this celebration to April where they will hold seminars with schools along with screening of the movie ” A Little Gardener”.


Pahul Personality Development Centre and the sangat of Nabha are celebrating Sikh Environment Day with great zeal. Charandeep Singh, the EcoSikh volunteer from Nabha, announced that they will celebrating Sikh Environment Day dedicated to Guru Har Rai Ji as a tribute to his services for conservation of planet and wildlife. The Program is as follows:

  1. Gurmat Samgam – Path Sukhmani Sahib
  2. Kirtan Darbar Based on Nature
  3. Expert Lecture by Ravneet Singh
  4. Screening of movie ” A Little Gardener”

Gurdwara Shamsher Jatha , mohalla GuruNanakPura, Nabha held an interaction session with sangat followed by Kirtan darbar based on Nature. Screening of short movie, ‘A Little Gardener’


Gurdwara E block, Istari Satsang Sabha will be dedicating a day to Gur Har Rai Sahib ji. There celebration would begin with green diwan, a quiz questionnaire would be discussed among the ladies to update them with alarming facts and figures. It is to be followed by Boota Prasad.

Tajpur Road

A massive boota prashad will be conducted at Village Tajpur Bet. Out of these, three plants will be given to the sangat and before next Sikh Environment Day they will be surveyed and each family who will be having those trees planted with them will be awarded a Reward of 100 bucks per tree.

Sarabha Nagar

Under the cover, Balehari Kudrat Vaseya, Gurdwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha, Sarabha Nagar will be celebrating Sikh Environment Day by conducting a Flower Show at their premises on 4th March.

Baaj Cycling club will be dedicating a cycle rally and a plantation drive to Guru Har Rai Sahib Ji, commencing from Gurdwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha, Sarabha Nagar on 14th March, members of the club along with sangat will be planting trees in gurdwaras of Bhai Randhir Singh Nagar, E block, H block, J block, I block and HJ block.

Basics of Sikhi

Basics of Sikhi, kiddie sangat at Sri Guru Singh Sabha, Sarabha Nagar

Nadar foundation

They have maintained their legacy and distributed 1000 fruit trees that included lemon, orange, pomegranate, guava and mango . Their tag line “ek boota chha devega duja fall”

Peoms – “kithe gayiya chawa”

“Na saad khet parali”


Doraha Public School

Like every year, Doraha Public School will be celebrating Sikh Environment Day in their campus. To begin with, they will be conducting a morning assembly with promises to save the environment.

Dedicated to Guru Har Rai Sahib Ji, ‘Springfest 2018’, 4th Annual Flower Show & ‘Rhyme, Rhythm & Race’, 4th Kindergarten Sports Day will be organised at Doraha Public School.  Athletic events and fun races for tiny tots will be organised. Event will be concluded by a  colorful cultural programme.


Plantation drive by the team at Village Rakhra, Patiala where the trees have been planted and they will be taken care by the elders of the village.


  • Simranjit Singh along with “Happy to help Welfare Society” and “Gurmat Sewa Society” to distribute indoor oxygen producing plants along with a drawing and coloring competition.
  • Gurpreet Singh from Maani cares, to organize katha kirtan diwan in gurdwara and plantation drives in government schools, along with tree adoption by school students.


Satnam Trust

Over 300 schools under Satnam Sarb Kalyan Trust will be holding plantations in schools and sensitizing the young generation to become more aware for our future. Likewise, every year, the children from these schools carry out this plantation drive with help of teachers and put a name tag around the tree they have planted. Every year, more than 3000 trees are planted in the schools under Satnam Trust.

Khalis Organization is organizing a cyclothone dedicated to Gur Har Rai Ji on 18th March from Gurdwara Amb Sahib, Ph 8 to Sukhna Lake Chd. Beginning at 3 PM, it will conclude with 10 minute save Environment March on Sukhna Banks.


EcoSikh team from Jalandhar is celebrating Sikh Environment Day in with the local sangat of Gardwara Nauvi Patshahi, Guru Teg Bahadur Nagar. Like every year, gurmat samagam along with boota prashad will be carried out on 14th March at 7:30 PM.



Gurmat Class for kids will be celebrating Sikh Environment Day 2018 by distributing plants to kids. Along with that they will be conducting poster making competition to spread the message of saving Mother Earth.

Anandpur Sahib



Charneet Kaur and Amaninder Singh Ji along with their organisation will be holding a massive plantation drive dedicated to Guru Har Rai Ji in the month of March followed by a number of activities in Delhi.



Celebrations in Ambala will be carried by the team EcoSikh Ambala will be carrying out a plantation drive in the Gurdwara.



Dagshai Public School



Gurjeet Singh from ShahjahanPur will be celebrating Sikh Environment Day  by distribution of Old toys thus setting an example of reuse (from 3 R’s). They will be collecting rice from Sangat and will be preparing Khichdi for Langar and float a message of saving the environment by carrying out a plantation drive.





Gurcharan Singh Nagi from Jamshedpur Tata will also be participating in Sikh Environment Day 2018.



Tavleen Foundation

Tavleen Foundation will be celebrating Sikh Environment Day at their Gurdwara in Indore.


Like previous year, this year Sikh Environment Day will be celebrated in the Gurdwara Sahib in Jabalpur in March



Sikh community in Bangalore will be holding a celebration in Cubbon Park.



*Sikh Environment Day 2018- Chennai Plans*

By Waheguru ji’s grace , Chennai sangat has planned a series a events on account of SED- 2018 that are as follows:

1) SED Celebration in School
March 17, 2018, Saturday:
Presentation session on “Saving Mata Dharat” in ANNA ADARSH METRIC HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL that will include poster making competition followed by distribution of Boota parshad.

2) SED Celebration in College
March 17, 2018, Saturday:
Powerpoint Presentation session on “Saving mother nature by conserving water, energy using innovative ways” in ANNA ADARSH COLLEGE FOR WOMEN that will include extempore event followed by distribution of Boota parshad.

3) SED Celebration at Gurdwara Sahib, T Nagar :
March 14, 2018, Sunday
Gurdwara Sahib will be hosting a Diwan in which Gurbani Shabads related to Environment will be recited in the form of kirtan and Guru Har Rai Sahib ji’s message in preserving the environment will be discussed in the form of katha in sangat.

4) Kiddie Sangat Session:
March 18, 2018, Sunday
A short movie will be screened and saakhis of Guru Har Rai Sahib ji related to environment would be recited for kids in Gurdwara sahib premises.

5) Gurdwara prachaar, Pledge and Buta Prashad:
March 18, 2018, Sunday
We will be holding a stall for sangat in Gurdwara sahib and motivate them to take pledge of saving environment and also will be offering them buta prashad.

They have urged all Sangat of Chennai to join them in spreading the message of Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Har Rai Sahib ji of saving the environment to the world.






Manmeet Singh ji from Australia is holding an awareness drive dedicated to Sikh Environment Day. He will be sharing a powerpoint presentation at the Gurdwara thereby making the sangat aware of harm being done to our Motherland and providing them with the solutions and alternative steps to be taken to save our land. His son will also deliver a speech to the sangat sharing the facts.



Partap Singh from South America will be celebrating Sikh Environment Day. Likewise every year, they will holding a class in The Nature and introducing the people with bond with Nature.



On 18th march, Sweden Gurdwara will be participating in Sikh Environment Day celebrations. They will share information about Organic Langar with resisents of Stockholm on 18th March . Also they will be serving Organic Langar at Gurdwara Sahib.


Sangat in Norway is celebrating Sikh Environment Day at Gurdwara Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji on March 18th this year.

Program is as follows :
10:00 – 11:30 – Sukhmani sahib da path
11:30 – 12:00 – Local kirtan jatha
12:00 – 13:00 – Kirtan and katha based on environment 
13:00 – 13:15 – Ardaas and Anand sahib
13:15 – 13:35 – Talks

Followed by Seed prasad to help those who want to create an organic garden in their own home!



This year sangat from Derby have planned to plant 50 tress in the NATIONAL FOREST on March 14, 2018. Also they will be using public transport rather than individual cars to keep the emission of carbon dioxide low and less wastage of fuel as well. They will take this step on World Sikh Environment Day towards protection of Mata Dhart and contribute in saving the environment.


Gurdwara Leeds Road Bradford is organizing a Gurmat camp for Sikh Enviornment Day celebrations on 17th March, 2018. They have dedicated this day to Guru Har Rai Ji and have a great program from 9 am to 5:30 pm with an aim to inspire children about community projects Sikh youth are involved in, raising awareness of causes, historical events e.g. sleeping outdoors in memory of chotey sahibzadey.  They have rotation session of 50 minutes each which includes:

  1.  Shabad kirtan – A youth kirtan group will teach the shabad pawan guru paani pita and what it means in relation to nature.  
  2. Role play and debate –  They will be discussing about being wasteful with resources in the home (water, energy, paper, plastic, recycling) and the other scenario will be about the problem of littering and pollution outdoors in our streets, seas, beaches parks.  
  3. Arts and Crafts –  to use waste to create sculptures or designs using paints materials etc.  See how waste can be reused rather than disposed of.
  4. Presentation and quiz- obtain knowledge on why Sikhs value nature so much and what action we should take and pollution issues affecting the world. 
  5. Physical activity-  to have some variety in the day and allow the children some space to exercise.  MMA (Mixed martial arts) team to organise something
  6. Chardi kala-  wellbeing session about stress, anxiety amongst young people and how nature can help to reconnect with yourself and think without distractions especially tech devices! Screening of the film A little gardener and discussion on how it made children feel.HongKong sangat is planning to have tree plantation around 14 March subject to approval from HongKong authorities. They will dedicate this 14 March in GURDWARA Sahib to commemorate Sikh Environment Day to have Kirtan and Katha regarding this Environment.


14 March, 2018 – Gurmat Smagam dedicated to Sikh Environment Day

18 March, 2018 – Tree maintenance at Mui Wo Hills planted last time in August, 2017.



Sangat from Kenya will be participating in Sikh Environment Day celebration close to March end. From past few years people from Kenya had not received rainfall, so during last year Sikh Environment Day celebrations sangat from Kenya prayed for rainfall and carried out a plantation drive as well. As a result of that, this year the country witnessed rains and thus the sangat from Kenya will be carrying this forward and will be celebrating Sikh Environment Day by carrying out a plantation drive.



Thakar S Basati from Illinois will be organizing seminar/lecture on Environment in Palatine, Illinois area. They believe that our Gurus have always stressed on the need for clean environment but we have not been able to tell American people what Sikh Religion stand for.

Guru Gobind Singh Foundation

Guru Gobind Singh Foundation is celebrating Sikh Environment Day by Gurmat School students. They will be conducting speeches and presentations during the Kirtan Darbar in the Gurdwara Sahib on Sunday, March 18. A full day workshop and celebration will be carried out by the sangat.



Sikh Naujawan Sabha and Sikh Inside Malaysia will be carrying out the celebrations for Sikh Environment Day in Gurdwara sahib in Malaysia. They will be carrying out a plantation drive along with activities for kids.


Sikh Environment Day celebrations in Dubai will be carried and organised by Gagandeep Kaur at Guru Nanak Darbar Dubai. Sangat will be introduced to the harms being done to the environment. The celebrations include:

  1. Powerpoint presentation
  2. Katha and Kirtan based on Nature
  3. Movie screening of ‘A Little Gardener’
  4. Tiny plantation drive by kids