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EcoSikh Joins World Bank, Faith Community to Help End Poverty by 2030

A new moral imperative statement released by faith organizations sets responsibilities for religious community.
Faith leaders around the world have taken on the responsibility to end extreme poverty. Following a meeting with World Bank President Dr. Jim Kim, EcoSikh has issued a joint moral imperative outlining the role of faith communities to end extreme poverty. In particular, EcoSikh has stressed the importance of understanding how environmental degradation exacerbates poverty and vice versa.
“The state of environment is a crucial factor in understanding extreme poverty. Most Sikhs know of the severe droughts occurring in Punjab, but we must also understand how environmental degradation decreases crop production, therefore causing food insecurity and an overall increase in poverty. When the farmer cannot produce wheat, he takes a loss, but the village that buys his wheat will also suffer. This is why we must make sure that the health of the environment is taken into consideration when we talk about ending poverty,” said EcoSikh board member Suneet Singh Tuli.
In the statement, signatories state that extreme poverty hinders human potential, insults human dignity and thwarts development.“ The faith groups hope that their united effort will be able to lead as an example of what religious communities can do to solve the world’s most difficult and complex problems. Signatories to the statement include organizations from Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh and interfaith backgrounds.
“As a Sikh organization, EcoSikh welcomes the opportunity to work with other faiths and the World Bank in directing faith communities’ efforts in ending extreme poverty,” said U.S. Program Manager Sumeet Kaur. “We know this is a much needed step in the path toward ensuring economic and environmental justice for all,” she added.

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