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Millets Langar at Guru Gobind Singh Ji's gurpurab celebrations

13 January. 2019 Ludhiana

US-based non-profit organization EcoSikh organized millet langar stall to spread awareness about traditional food grains and their health benefits to the Sangat at Gurdwara Sarabha Nagar as a part Gurpurab celebrations with a mission to revive health in Punjab. EcoSikh millet food stalls included Ragi Barfi and Kangni (Little millet) Pulao. New millet recipes were introduced to the Sangat to tickle their taste buds while awakening them about nutritional and environmental impacts of millets.

Millets grow well without the need for any pesticides or chemical fertilizers. EcoSikh mission is to introduce the traditional healthy grains in the langar to promote healthy millet rich diet regimen while being advantageous to the farmers and our soil, air, and water.

It is a known fact that millets need 70% less water than paddy(rice) and grow faster, and saves investment on fertilizers, pesticides, and insecticides. They have higher proportions fibres, minerals and vitamins as compared to our daily staple rice and wheat grains.