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Michelin Chef Vikas Khanna drops in on Organic Diwali Farmers Fest at Amritsar

Amritsar, 31st October, 2016: EcoSikh and Dilbir Foundation organized another fest  Michelin Star Chef Vikas Khanna was a surprise visitor to the Organic Diwali Farmers Fest in Amritsar. Upon landing at the airport, when told about the event, he headed straight to participate at the fest and stayed on for nearly one hour regaling visitors, farmers and especially the young ladies at the marketplace.
Appreciating the  effort in setting up the event and making it a sustained weekly Sunday marketplace Vikas said, “A divine effort has been made in my city and I am delighted to have witnessed it.”
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Vikas Khanna at Organic Diwali farmers Fest organized by EcoSikh and Dilbir Foundation in Amritsar

Vikas Khanna at Organic Diwali farmers Fest organised by EcoSikh and Dilbir Foundation in Amritsar

He tasted salted chaach made from cow’s milk and marvelled at the taste. He also appreciated the excellent Himalayan Thrive honey and the Good seeds at the Earth store. He said that the roasted seeds reminded him of the “Char Magaz” which were a nutritious diet of the times. The quality of farm produce, desi ghee and vegetables was highly appreciated by him.
The marketplace today has a potter spinning out fresh diyas for Diwali, alongwith other clay and terracotta products.
Exotic vegetables such as broccoli, red and yellow capsicums, delicious & golden variety apples, as well as fresh kiwi from farms were new additions to the Fest. Meanwhile natural repellents from mosquitos, ants & bugs needed to face the threat of Nika, Chickungunya, Malaia & dengue were on display. Most of the stocks were again sold out by afternoon, much before closing time, therefore encouraging farmers to grow more natural produce without chemical pesticides and fertilizers.

Visitors at Organic Vegetable Stall

Youth Teams from Khalsa College Of Management & Technology, as well as from  Shahzada Nand College volunteered to ensure the success of the program. School children from Millennium School participated fully in the stalls & assistance of visitors in particular. Children were excited playing with young calves and games arranged by the youth.

Master Chef Vikas Khanna tasting the ThrivEarth Honey


Vikas Khanna with Kids


View of stalls


Lady making a purchase at the stall


Potter making fresh diyas at the fest