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Magic Show to Raise Environment Awareness

Gathering at Tajpur, Ludhiana

May 15, 2012; Tajpur, Ludhiana: Environment lovers from Tajpur along with EcoSikh organised a magic show in their village school on an environment theme, this Saturday. The call gathered nearly 200 villagers including kids, youngsters and elderly as well. The magician revealed flowers, bird boxes from empty bags etc in many of his tricks and kept narrating the importance of trees and birds in our life.
The EcoSikh talk was settled in the mid of show time, when to highlight the importance of village ponds or chhappars, our Project Manager, Ravneet Singh questioned the gathering with a stanza from a famous Punjabi song which says, ” Why? Jhonna launa ee chhad dena” (which means we are going to leave sowing paddy) ? and the public knew the answer which was from the next stanza, “pani ho gaye dhoonge !” (which means the groundwater table has highly dropped). He asked them to protect their village ponds by not littering any kind of waste and garbage into it as they are great source of groundwater recharge. He also asked them to make up their minds to adopt variety of trees in their homes and streets to replenish the lost bio-diversity of their village.
A few of the elders from the village reported to have not seen at least two species of birds which they used to see in their childhood. No matter what it takes the villagers
and activists from Tajpur are determined to bring change.
Sarpanch (village leader) from Khasi was extremely inspired at event and he called EcoSikh to organize one in their village so as they can begin working in their area and protect their village’s environment.
The key thing that we learned in this event: magic holds the public, and you must always share you idea before the show ends.