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Congratulations: Letter of support from UN Assistant Secretary-General

Olav Kjorven (centre) plants a tree in Delhi

MARCH 13, 2012. EcoSikh has just received an inspiring endorsement for the second Sikh Environment Day from UN Assistant Secretary-General Olav Kjorven, who has been a supporter of EcoSikh since he attended our launch in Delhi in 2009.
“In 2009, the United Nations Development Programme partnered with the Alliance of Religions and Conservation to encourage various faiths of the world to develop long-term initiatives to protect and nurture the environment,” writes Mr Kjorven, who is also the Director of Development Policy for UNDP.
“It is truly heartening to hear of the progress the global Sikh community has made in this regard, and it is even more inspiring to hear that the momentum seems to be growing,” he continues.
“As the global community prepares to address sustainable development in Rio in June, the EcoSikh movement serves as an inspiration to all those seeking to establish an ecological consciousness that celebrates nature.  Please accept my best wishes for the success of the second annual Sikh Environment Day on March 14th.”
Sikh letter of support from Olav Kjorven