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Khalsa Schools: Sikh Environment Day Lesson Plan

Make Every Day Earth Day with SikhRI’s Environment Lesson Plan
San Antonio, TX– Sikh Research Institute (SikhRI) and EcoSikh are proud to announce that a new lesson plan and related resource materials are available at no charge for download at Sikh Educators Network (SEN). The lesson plan, “The Environment: Recognizing Creator in Creation” is released to correspond with celebrations of Sikh Environment Day. Of course, it is also a perfect for use year-round in the classroom or at home with the whole family.
The activities in this unit were compiled by a team of SikhRI staff, and can be tailored to any grade level, K-12. A mix of engaging, hands-on projects, discussion questions and sakhis work together to encourage a sense of wonder at the gifts of the natural world, as well as ingraining a desire to protect them.
Running the entire lesson plan can take 1-2 hours, depending on the age of the students and the activities selected. Some private Sikh schools plan to teach the lesson in “mini-units” spreading the agenda over several days. Supplementary resources that come with the plan include environment-themed word searches, matching games, crosswords, and other fun worksheets, that also focus on language arts and draw from Sikh heritage.

“We designed this lesson plan to make students excited about the long history of environmental stewardship that is part of our Guru’s message,”
said Jasmine Kaur, Director of Education at SikhRI. “Our goal is to show that taking responsibility for the natural world can be an easy part of daily life for students, and taking action today ensures a healthier earth tomorrow.”
The materials can be found at sikheducatorsnetwork.org. If you haven’t visited yet, SEN is a site for Sikh educators to enjoy access to a variety of materials which inspire creativity and passion for Sikhi education. Be on the look out for new bloggers and resource material coming soon to SEN–there’s never been a better time to join up!
Membership and access to all materials on SEN is free, and requires only a few minutes to create an account.