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Jalandhar Pedals for Punjab’s Water Security

img_9331January 3rd, 2017, Jalandhar; US based EcoSikh and Jalandhar Biking Club (Regd) (JBC) together with citizens of Jalandhar, today conducted a 10 km awareness rally on bicycles, ‘Pedal for Punjab’s Water’ to raise their voice for water security in Punjab and people’s role in water conservation. Flagged off at 7:30 in the evening by former Governor of Puducherry,  Dr Iqbal Singh, the rally of 55 number of bikers begun from Model Town market and routed through Guru Tegh Bahadur Nagar, Masand Chowk, Milkbar Chowk, Guru Nanak Mission Gurdwara, Hotel Skylark, Namdev Chowk, BMC Chowk, New Jawahar Nagar Market, Chunmun, Model Town Gita Mandir and culminated at Shivani Park , Model Town at 9pm.
Punjab’s water security is the dream project of EcoSikh Steering committee member, Dr. Navneet Bhullar from Philadelphia (USA) who is passionate about changing the way Punjabis carelessly use water for washing cars, cleaning their verandas, watering lawns carelessly and other daily domestic uses.
Despite the state of drought in Punjab , we see people washing their cars, houses and even roads with abandon. There is no law enforcement of fines for water abuse. It is all up to the citizens to ACT NOW.
Said Dr. Navneet Bhullar. “As step one, it is my appeal to the Jalandhar citizens not to let their cars be washed by garden pipes, rather dry dust them or use a bucket to mop the car. It saves at least 200 litres of water per wash.” Added Dr. Bhullar.  “ Action MUST start with citizens as law enforcement is non existent.”
The rally participants interacted with local people and shared awareness leaflets on their way emphasizing the water crisis of Punjab and judicious use of water at home. Dr Iqbal Singh acknowledged hundreds of participants who pedalled for water awareness for their moral and physical support towards Punjab’s safe future.
Ravneet Singh, the South Asia Project Manager of EcoSikh who biked along with the JBC said, “Changing rainfall patterns and global climate change can be very dangerous for Punjab’s water future. Every year we see 3ft drop in underground water and that is a lot. The water use policy and its enforcement is the only way to mitigate the effect of climate change. I salute  Jalandhar and JBC for their support and stance for Punjab’s environmental future.”
The JBC President, Parveer Inder Singh Mann and his fellow 45 club members took three pledges including; stop the use of hosepipe for washing cars, educating their house keepers about saving water while cleaning and educating their children about water conservation. Members of local Gurdwaras and Hindu temples also showed their presence and support for the event.