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Two EcoSikh summer internships in US/Canada and Punjab

ATTENTION STUDENTS!: EcoSikh is offering two full-time summer internship positions to help identify new leaders in the environmental field, one in Punjab and one in North America. The two interns will work mainly on our Green Gurdwaras program, a large-scale effort to help transform places of worship into centers of sustainability that inspire visitors to care and nurture the environment in accordance with Sikh principles.
EcoSikh Intern North America Application details
EcoSikh Intern Punjab Application details
The ideal interns will be engaged in the launch of EcoSikh’s Green Gurdwaras campaign for the Sikh Diaspora/India. Their primary responsibility will be to research and help compile a Green Gurdwaras Handbook, a thirty-page document that will guide communities and gurdwaras to implement best practices in sustainability for Gurdwaras across the world.
We are looking for self starters with excellent communication skills, good facility with Microsoft Word, ability to work from home though in constant contact with the rest of the team, ability to travel when required, and a real enthusiasm for the issues. EcoSikh is an equal opportunities organization.