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Inter Faith Communities Celebrate Guru Ramdas Ji’s Gurpurab by Caring for Nature

recignising services to nature of Sardar Dara Singh9th October, Amritsar; Eco Amritsar collaborated with Sardar Dara Singh, the famous bird house maker, and set up bird houses at Harmandir Sahib, Khairuddin Mosque, Radhe Krishan Mandir Rani Ka Bagh and St. Mary’s Church Gumtala. The message was loud and clear that nature belongs to all, and we all owe it to the creator to look after its beings and its bounties. Students of Miri Piri Academy also put up bird nests in their grounds with much celebration and delight. Various faith communities therefore opened their doors to conservation and biodiversity in support of EcoAmritsar.

“Guru Ramdas Ji, who in his famous hymn depicted his love for all creatures and plants on earth, which today we call “biodiversity”.
Jo Bolath Hai Mrig Meen Pankhaeroo So Bin Har Jaapath Hai Nehee Hor ||3|| …

(Mahalla: 4, 1265 Sri Guru Granth Sahib)

“We are heartily thankful and empowered to have all the many religious institutions getting together for conservation of biodiversity. This will definitely open more doors of thought and actions towards saving and reviving nature.” Said Eco-Amritsar Chairman, Gunbir Singh.

According to Eco-Amritsar Programme Administrator, Tarundeep Singh, “The rapidly growing population, increased traffic, excessive use of pesticides, noise and light pollution, garbage, and reduction of forest cover are some of the greatest causes of problems. Birds, land animals and water species are facing a critical loss of habitat, the world is losing its biodiversity and not enough people are noticing this loss.”

Eco-Amritsar also announced, an Annual Excellence Award in Photography here at Amritsar today. Published and unpublished works on the theme of “Best Projection of Amritsar” taken during the course of this year shall be evaluated by renowned experts, and awarded on the eve of the next birth anniversary of Guru Ram Dass ji in 2014. The contest will remain open to competition globally amongst photo artists and amateurs alike for the year. The details will shortly be made available on EcoAmritsar facebook page as well as EcoSikh website.
Checkout other videos below:
Bird House Installation at Rani ka Bagh Mandir, Amritsar

Message by EcoAmritsar Chairman, Gunbir Singh