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Inspiring booklet for a 10 minute eco-assembly in Punjab schools

February 18, 2012, Khadoor Sahib: EcoSikh and the Sukrit Trust today released an inspiring ten-minute program booklet for primary and secondary pupils throughout the Punjab to celebrate Sikh Environment Day 2012 and pay their homage to Mother Earth.
The plan is that, in 10 minutes during their morning assembly sessions, schoolchildren will listen to an environmental talk on how: “The bad news is that humanity has contributed to spoiling the environment. The good news is that humanity has the power to save it, and that young people can be leaders.”
After this talk they will take a vocal pledge with their school head that they will plant a tree in this year, they will not waste water and they will always use dustbins etc. Where there are many Sikh children in a school, the talk will also show how Sikhism teaches followers to protect the vulnerable, and how this includes the natural world.
Around 60 school teachers and principals were present at this conference at Khadoor Sahib. Baba Sewa Singh Ji, congratulated all the teachers and staff heads for incorporating environmental education and practice in their schools.
Ravneet Singh, EcoSikh Project Manager addressed the audience by phone from Ludhiana and thanked them all for nurturing their students for environment protection, which is needed not only today but also in the future, which is which all the students represent.

Together with Sukrit, EcoSikh has called on 1,000 schools within Punjab to be a part of these faith oriented environmental celebrations. The idea of a 10 minute program evolved out of the fact that schools are reluctant to take any extra activities in February and March months due to final exams in Punjab Schools. However every school can take 10 minutes. Some schools will celebrate their own Environment Day once the exams are over.
The Sukrit Trust works closely with community on religious affairs in India and especially young generations for education and anti-drug campaigns.
EcoSikh was set up in 2009 as the Sikh response to the UNDP initiative for civil society, including religions, to take the first powerful steps to protect this earth from Climate Change and destruction of the natural environment.
Download this book HERE as pdf
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