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Sikhs of Andhra Pradesh and Hyderabad commit to environment protection

ARC Deputy Director, Alison Hilliard addressing the Sikh gathering at Hyderabad at EcoSikh event. S. Roop Singh (SGPC) on left, Ravneet Singh (EcoSikh) and S. DP Singh (Hazur Sahib) on the extreme right

Hyderabad, October 16 : The International Biodiversity Conference (CoP-11) (XI Conference of Parties), the biggest event ever to be held in independent India has created a great impact on the Sikh community towards protecting biodiversity and ecosystems.
The Prabhandak Committees of Sikh Gurudwaras in the Andhra Pradesh state have come together by taking up various environmental activities in all the Sikh Gurudwaras of the state and supporting government agencies in protecting the environment for a better future.
In this connection, a meeting was organised on Tuesday at Katriya Hotel under the aegis of Andhra Pradesh Sikh Educational Society to receive EcoSikh’s environmental vision.
Executive members from over 18 Sikh Gurudwaras and Social Sikh organisations joined this meeting at Hotel Katriya, Hyderabad today.
EcoSikh India Manager, S Ravneet Pal Singh from Amritsar who came to participate in CoP-11 gave a presentation on the concept of Greening of Sikh Gurdwaras and Sikh traditions, which was very well received and appreciated by the passionate Sikh leaders of the city.
“Gurdwaras are our house of learning and sharing values, our Gurus have blessed us with the most valued lessons of protecting our nature. All what we preach and practice at our Gurdwaras becomes mandatory for us to follow at our homes and life. Let’s us practice Gurbani for welfare of the living planet, earth.” he added.
It was a remarkable effort by the city Sikhs who took this great opportunity to assemble when Sikh delegation from EcoSikh, Sri Hazur Sahib, Nanded, SGPC, and WWF Punjab were there to attend to the XI CBD by UNO.
Mr D P Singh Chawla from Takhat Sri Hazur Sahib,Nanded Maharashtra motivated the South Indian Sikh community to commit to EcoSikh cause, he promised them all for full support. He added that, “We should all commit for planned Sikh Environment Day celebrations on March 14 every year and prepare our kids to come up for the planet’s well being.”
Alison Hilliard, Deputy Director of the UK-based Alliance of Religions and Conservation (ARC) shared how the world is looking forward to every faith leading in their way of religious beliefs to counter the global warming, and making their religious ceremonies and traditions more eco friendly.
“We know the Sikh communities’ utmost dedication from the history of Sikhs who fought for UK during World War II, and now the world has high hopes from Sikhs to contribute for the well being of earth and its environment.”
SGPC Additional Secretary, S. Roop Singh inspired the Sikhs with sharing their environment initiatives and the best practices by the committee in Amritsar. “A Sikh is duty bound to protect environment and making his religious and social practices in harmony with nature,” he said.
During the commitments and pledge session the Sikhs from Hyderabad announced that they will take ample steps to share the EcoSikh vision by showing EcoSikh Video with the sangat (devotees) in all the Gurdwaras for awareness, making their Nagar Keertans Green and celebrating Sikh Environment Day every March 14.
They also shown curiosity in the immense use of ‘Environment Notice Board’ in raising funds for their major environment projects in their Gurdwara buildings in the coming times.
The Sikh Gurudwaras apart from greening the Gurudwaras and their surroundings has also decided to get with Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) in taking tree plantation programme, EcoSikh Hyderabad Coordinator, S Swaran Singh added.
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