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Happy Sikh Environment Day: Over 1000 Participating Institutions, in Punjab and the Diaspora

March 14, 2012: Happy Sikh Environment Day! Currently 1007 participants have registered for Sikh Environment Day today. We have created a running total of just some of the participants, and their intentions for this week of Sikh Environment Day and Sikh Vatavaran Diwas 2012. Link here to read more.
It is not too late to do something wonderful for nature this week. Please link here to register your gurdwara, school, organisation or family, telling us of any eco activities you are doing around Sikh Environment Week.
It is getting exciting for all of our team of both volunteers and permanent staff to see all the energy and the community excitement around marking this special day in the Sikh calendar. It is wonderful to have a Sikh festival that means that our world is more kindly treated, true to the teachings of Guru Har Rai ji.

Khalsa Fauj will sing kirtan on nature

Activities include pledges by young people in schools and colleges, Sikh media dedicating whole programmes to the subject, kirtan on nature, lectures, and loading up stories about how the seventh Sikh guru loved animals and flowers so much he could not hurt them.