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Gurdwara shows way to clean, green environment

Anupam Bhagria Posted online:
Wed Jan 12 2011, 01:11 hrs Ludhiana
Ludhiana’s Gurdwara Shri Dukhniwaran Sahib has shown the way to a clean and better environment by recently developing more than 100 varities of chrysanthemum in its premises. The aim was to convey the message that original flowers, rather than artificial ones, go a long way in making the environment better.
“Last year, we bought some plants from PAU and flower shows held in Chandigarh. But this year, we developed our own nursery and developed 105 varieties of chrysanthemum. We have two to three gardeners, who developed these under the leadership of Mohinder Singh — a devotee — who is very fond of flowers,” Prithpal Singh, the management president of the gurdwara, told The Indian Express.
Mohinder Singh, a businessman by profession, said: “Whenever Prithpal Singh used to visit my house, he appreciated my flowers. One day he asked me to plant such saplings in the gurdwara. Thus, we planted the saplings in the premises of Bhai Gurdas Gurmat Missionary College and brought the blooming flowers to the gurdwara. This year, we prepared 2,600 pots. Next year, we plan to prepare 10,000 pots.”
To spread the message of a clean and green environment, Singh also plans to distribute five pots to each religious spot in the city.
“When we go to Chandigarh, we find the city very clean and green. We feel ashamed that people here are not very much bothered about the environment. So, we also plan to hold flower competitions from next year as it is done in Chandigarh,” he added.