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Green Nagar Kirtan to Mark the 1st Parkash Purab of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji


Students Helping in the Nagar Kirtan Cleanliness Sewa

The students of Khalsa College of Engineering and Technology, Amritsar formed and led the “Green Brigade” to clean the pillage after the Nagar Kirtan taken out to celebrate the 1st Parkash Purab of Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji. Cleaning the roads before the Nagar Kirtan is to be taken out is an age old tradition. It is a fact that a huge number of volunteers were involved in cleaning the streets the night as well as early morning prior to the Nagar Kirtan. At Eco-Amritsar we have been working to send across the message of how important it is to ensure the cleanliness of the city surroundings after religious events of grandeur. A huge number of devotees arrange “Langar” for the sangat and in the process lace the roads with Styrofoam disposables, wrappers etc. The “Green Brigade” has been silently but consistently doing the cleaning after the Nagar Kirtans in addition to requesting the Langar organizers to celebrate the events keeping the ecological health of the city in mind.

Volunteers from Kaar Sewa Bhuri Waale

Tarundeep Singh, Project Administrator, Eco-Amritsar said, “It is very heartening to see that some people this year have returned to using leaf disposables (Pattal) leaving behind Styrofoam. We are sure that with the support of SGPC and city Administration, continuous efforts will bring us back to responsible ways of celebration” He further added, “The students of KCET and the Safai Sewaks of Kaar Sewa Baba Bhuri Waale showed exemplary efforts to give a cleaner to the littered streets”
“We have been a part of these cleanliness efforts ever since they were started by Eco-Amritsar and intend to constantly do our bit for the city” said, Kanawalpreet Singh Judge a student volunteer.

To check the increasing use of materials causing life threatening environmental pollution, the Eco-Club of KCET shifted to the welcome use of plates made of tree leaves during langar in connection with the Ardas Diwas function held in the college. The Langar was partaken by more than 1000 devotees, Staff and students on these leafy platters as they are biodegradable in nature. This clearly sent a message to the people to discard the use of cups & plates of plastic/Styrofoam which are non biodegradable and add to heaps of garbage piling up on road.

Gunbir Singh, Chairman, Eco-Amritsar shared his views, “Cleanliness drives are but a small measure to constantly raise awareness about the importance of this very aspect. We are very concerned about the rankings of our wonderful city as far as the cleanliness index is concerned. The citizens of this city will surely do their bit to reverse the disturbing reality”
“The Diaspora loves and adores the city of Amritsar and is always concerned about the ecological well being of this wonderful city. We are sure that with the efforts of the citizens, a change is just around the corner” said Dr. Rajwant Singh, Chairman EcoSikh, USA_DSC7433_DSC7386