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Unveiling the power of a Gurdwara: Sri Hazur Sahib, Nanded

Suprintendent DP Singh Chawla & eye camp patients with their saplings

February 7, Hazur Sahib Nanded; Where there is a will, there is a way. Not everyone could prove this but our very dedicated committee of Sri Hazur Sahib Nanded has done it again.
Today, at an eye surgery camp organised in collaboration with Canadian Eyesight Global which recorded over 105 IntraOcular Lens surgeries had an extra episode for the patients. The patients were not only treated by reputed team of doctors but given a chance to do some good effort in return by planting a flower at Gurdwara. This is an innovative way of connecting sangat to the house of Guru and to the nature. This has set an example for our Gurdwara committees, around the world to recognize the power to change that they hold with them.
“We are thankful to Guru Gobind Singh Ji who has provided us a platform to do his service and we also thank all the organisations and individuals who contributed in the success of this programme at Dashmesh Hospital, here at Sri Hazur Sahib”, said DP Singh Chawla, Superintendent of Hazur Sahib Committee.
“The local communities need much care and medical facilities, they are needy and Guru Ghar always have ample to share. We try to provide them free medicines and check up as a part of service”, he added.
The committee also organise eye care camps thrice in a year, in collaboration with Mr. Sabharwal of Guru Granth Sahib Sewa Society of Chandigarh, Nishkam Care Society of Patiala under the chairmanship of Dr. Gurdeep Singh and other leading doctors of Rajindera Hospital, at the Gurdwara premises, with the last camp organised from January 15 till 19th.
This year, the Hazur Sahib committee plans for a phenomenal program on the upcoming Sikh Environment Day during the month of March. We will publish their full plan very soon at our Who’s Taking Part page, as it gets confirmed.
EcoSikh congratulates this effort and is hopeful that together with the Gurdwaras and sangat, we can change our lifestyles and make them less wasteful and closer to nature and God. With all these events, we aim to reduce wastage of water, energy and food at our Gurdwaras, Gurpurabs and other celebrations, and learn to live a life which is kind to environment. The Sikh vision of Sarbat Da Bhalla takes us an extra mile from caring our fellow human beings to care the natural resources and the creation around us. We are also hopeful that this year on Sikh Environment Day, the Sikhs around the world will receive and celebrate the message of Guru that:
Being Sikh is Being Kind to Environment.
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