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Behavior Change Is Must to Fix Climate Change Issues

“We need to protect nature, for our own existence.”

Scattered in almost 20 nations, the 30 million Sikh population believe in the Sri Guru Granth Sahib and the rich traditions of Sikh history which describes the Sikhs as pioneer in environmental work, the hard workers and the ones who thrive for the wellbeing of all, we say sarbat da bhalla. Punjab is the homeland of Sikhs where, EcoSikh invests majority of its energy and focus towards its ecological revival through behaviour change in the community worldwide.
Launched at Windsor Castle in 2009, EcoSikh is Sikh community’s contribution to UN and Alliance of Religions and Conservation (UNARC) Seven Year Plan for generational change project, which has been helping the Sikhs to connect all that the Sikh community has done and enabling to forge the new paths towards creating sustainable traditions and lifestyles.