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EcoSikh Training Urban Families to Grow their Own Food

EcoSikh Organized Grow Your Own Food Workshop

EcoSikh Promoting Health Via Growing Healthy Food at Home

Ludhiana, April 21, 2018; Over 55 urban families took benefit from ‘Grow Your Own Food’ training workshop organized by women wing of US based NGO EcoSikh in Dugri today to promote health via healthy food. The idea is to engage the Punjabi households and especially women to encourage pesticide-free healthy food. The matter of the fact that Punjab is facing critical rise in nutritional deficiency and diseases like obesity, high blood pressure, thyroid and hormonal imbalance, diabetes which are directly related to the food we eat.

Rajbir Singh of Pingalwara Trust gave hands on training on how to start growing organic food at home in a very small area or in pots. Information regarding making compost from kitchen waste and judicial use of water.

The event organiser, Harpreet Kaur Bagga said, “We need to make our celebrations and kittie parties productive and fruitful. The food we get from market has a major impact on our health, it is overloaded with pesticides, fungicides, weedicides and what not. A mother has to step up for the health of her family and must start growing food at home’.

Each trainee was provided with various saplings including; cucumber, bitter gourd, long melon as a start kit along with a pack of seedkit of pumpkin, bottle gourd and tori.

On this occasion EcoSikh India President India, Supreet Kaur stressed that, “Growing our own food is the only solution to save our family’s health from the clutches of diseases. Growing organic food at home is an excellent way to connect to nature and fight climate change. The overwhelming response from the Ludhianvis proves how important the issue is for all of us. EcoSikh will be conducting more workshops in this area so that more and more people can benefit from it.”

EcoSikh Liaison Officer, Satvir Kaur said, “It is a win-win situation, where we save money from purchasing chemically grown food from market, we save our health and the money we pay to doctors.”

The event was supported by Mother Earth Organic Farms, Paper Nest, Bake N Grill and The Snack Box.