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EcoSikh Explores Partnerships with The Nature Conservancy

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EcoSikh Explores Partnerships with The Nature Conservancy, Other Faith Organizations

WASHINGTON, DC – More than 20 representatives from various environmental faith and interfaith groups met in Alexandria, VA – a city in the Washington, DC Metro area, on September 8 and 9.
The attendees, who represented Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and Sikh faiths were brought together to discuss pilot projects and expanding TNC partnerships with faith groups internationally. EcoSikh managers Ravneet Singh and Sumeet Kaur explored strategies for partnering with The Nature Conservancy (TNC) in both India and the United States at the meeting.
Partnering possibilities included preservation of historical trees, composting from the free kitchens in the Gurdwaras and reviving bird habitats in Amritsar. Singh said about the potential alliance, “the Sikh following especially Sikh youth is one huge energy yet to be harnessed for the planet’s well being. The EcoSikh-TNC partnership can open many gates for our youngsters who want their careers in an environmental field and reducing the Sikh Carbon footprint on earth.”
Kaur added, “The two-day long workshop was a great way to explore potential partnerships with some of the best and most active environmental organizations in the world. As TNC broadens its efforts to work with environmental faith groups, EcoSikh is excited to support and be a partner in the new endeavors.”
The meeting was held at the historic Lloyd House, which was constructed in the late 18th century. The Lloyd House remains to be one of five remaining buildings in the city constructed in the Georgian style. The house, which has been restored and preserved in recent years, provided the backdrop to discussions on environmental preservation, conservation, and action.
EcoSikh also proposed ideas to organize environmental workshops in Khalsa Schools and summer camps in the U.S., and will move forward with these projects with the support of other organizations. “Workshops are an excellent way to increase environmental literacy for Sikhs across the country. EcoSikh hopes to work with various organizations to bring about Sikh-tailored guidance on how to take concrete actions for the planet. Youth workshops are the next steps for EcoSikh in the U.S.,” said Kaur.