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EcoSikh asks Punjab politicians to focus on environment

January 17th, 2012: EcoSikh formally joined hands with Vatavaran Ate Samaj Bachao Morcha (Save Environment and Society Campaign), an alliance of more than 50 civil society organizations working on environmental and social causes in Punjab. This alliance is people’s dialogue series on Punjab Environment and Public Health Agenda for upcoming Vidhan Sabha Elections on 30th January, 2011
EcoSikh released a statement in support and call for Punjab residents to rise up for healthy and happy Punjab. Click the following links to see the EcoSikh statement:
Sikh group asks Punjab politicians to focus on environment : MSN (PTI) News
Rise up for healthy and happy Punjab : sikhsiyasat.net
Upcoming event on 19th Jan, 2012

EcoSikh also organized an event for Vatavarn Ate Samaj Bachao Morcha in collaboration with GGN Khalsa College, Ludhiana on 19th Jan, 2012, where the election candidates from the city would be invited to publically sign the pledge that they would consider environment as their top priority and that they would serve to save and improve the Punjab’s environment and health.