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EcoSikh Holds Plantation Drive in Village Sahibana, Ludhiana

April 19, Sahibana, Ludhiana; EcoSikh Project Manager was just moved when he saw a mixed age gathering including ladies and gents above 50 years of age, young men and over 60 students from the village school gathered in a village Gurdwara to learn, what can they do to improve their village, early this week. Students were surprised to know how the world is putting its efforts in bits to make the earth better place to live, as they saw the EcoSikh short movie; EcoSikh history so far.
In his speech, Ravneet Singh mentioned that Langar has been a core tradition in Sikhi, so one should plant a tree and provide ‘oxygen langar’ to the world to adding yet another item in langar tradition. The trees would benefit the whole village and provide fresh fruits and habitat to many native birds which are now hardly seen in Punjab.
In the EcoSikh speech, students and villagers were put through a series of questions on how would they react in many day to day situations where they could help in reducing plastic garbage and water wastage in their village. Ladies and gents were specially encouraged to provide special place to plants in their homes. They were asked to decide which tree would they like to adopt and inform the organizers, whereas kids were asked to convince their parents for the same and submit their application for tree at home to their School Principal. The effort was to create spaces for trees where they would be nourished and protected from stray animals.
The organizer, Dharminder Singh from Gillco Agro Mills is dedicated to the thought that each one in this village should adopt a tree. So far he has been able to convince 22 such families since Sikh Environment Day 2012 and has a target to cross 300 trees this year.