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EcoSikh Plants 100 Mature Banyans in Amritsar

EcoSikh Amritsar Plantation Banyans 898th April, 2015, Amritsar; The religious city of Amritsar has seen a spate of tree cutting along the roadsides in the name of development. To recover this loss, EcoAmritsar had requested Baba Sewa Singh jee of Khadur Sahib to assist the Holy City in its greenification effort. Accordingly, the teams of Eco-Amritsar created played a key role in enrolling the Municipal Corporation and other stakeholders of the city in providing spaces and participation to care for the trees to be planted under this plan. And as per plans Eco-Amritsar team invited Baba Sewa Singh Ji and his team, who brought and helped 100 mature 12-15 feet high Banyan trees for plantation in Amritsar.
Banyan Trees are the elephants among trees. These large gifts of nature provide huge amounts of oxygen, medicinal benefits, shade and are air Purifiers. It is small wonder that these centurions are considered sacred. The banyan is a part of the well recognised holy trinity along with Peepul and Neem. The Indian Banyan (Botanical name Ficus benghalensis) is the national Tree of India.
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While dedicating this effort as a build-up to Earth Day (22April 2015) Gunbir Singh, Chairperson EcoAmritsar said, “ Baba Sewa Singh Jee’s affirmation to the cause of environment of the Holy City is indeed gratifying. He has promised all assistance in our endeavours And we are deeply ingratiated to him for his benevolence.”
The Khadur Sahib Society has planted over 3000 Banyans and 3000 peepuls in his movement to greenify Khadur Sahib region in the past. Apart from these trees lakhs of trees have been planted and nurtured along the roadsides thereby creating avenues of greenery for the future. In Amritsar, plantations have been carried out today under Municipal Committee patronage at Chaali Khui, Gole Bagh, Ram Bagh, Anand Amrit Park, New Amritsar Park and Saragarhi Mall Mandi School park.
Tarundeep Singh, Project Administrator, EcoAmritsar, leading the plantation activity said, “We are happy to work with the Amritsar civic administration. We have offered to populate other available protected spots in the city including roundabouts to provide a natural look to the city. We will continue to work with the good offices of MC and AIT for aesthetic development of Amritsar. Planting trees is one thing and taking care of them is another. We are glad that the local caretakers at all these places have pledged to take care of these trees.”
Congratulating the teams in Amritsar, EcoSikh Project Manager Ravneet Singh said, “It is indeed a huge start for us. The stakeholder participation is a ray of hope for any city like Amritsar. The NRI communities in the USA have been providing us funding support for environmental awareness and plantation drives. With such a powerful support from environmentalists like Baba Sewa Singh and the sangat definitely empowers us to continue the activity in future in the very well planned and result oriented way.”
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