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EcoSikh Marks Earth Day Celebration at Amritsar

A new look given to a pillar to mark Earth Day 2015. In picture: Dr. Inderjit Kaur Ji (Pingalwara), S. Gunbir Singh (Chairman, Eco Amritsar), S. Tarundeep Singh(Project Manager, Eco Amritsar)

A new look given to a pillar near Bus Stand Amritsar to mark Earth Day 2015
In picture: Dr. Inderjit Kaur Ji (Pingalwara), Gunbir Singh (Chairman, Eco Amritsar), Tarundeep Singh (Program Manager, Eco Amritsar) and others.

22 April 2015, Amritsar: On World Earth Day, a clarion wake up call was given to all citizens to start planting trees in large number by Dilbir Foundation. Dedicated to Earth Day 100 Banyans plus 111 other indigenous tree varieties have been planted. Well matured 12 feet high saplings were brought by Baba Sewa Singh Ji of Khadur Sahib Society and plantations carried out with the active support of Eco-Amritsar & WWF India teams. Organisational & institutional representatives ensured that losses are kept minimal with care and nurturing. 

Activities in Amritsar began with the Banyan Tree Programme on 8th April, when 50 matured banyans were presented for plantation by the Khadur Sahib Society for the holy city of Amritsar. On 22nd April plantation programs were run at various places including the airport colony, Khalsa College of Engineering & Veterinary College, Millennium School, SG Enclave, Medical college & Bhai Vir Singh Niwas Asthan etc.

Another site under the airport road flyover on court road was also dedicated to the city. Volunteers from GNDU painted expressions on the pillars while Aryan Honda provided for the plantation activity. The artists contributions are under the Artists For Amritsar Transformation (AFAT) initiative of Dilbir Foundation in collaboration with Eco-Amritsar & WWF-India.

In addition to this a major makeover was carried out of two pillars opposite the Bus Stand at Amritsar under the able guidance of Ms. Neeta Mohindra, BBKDAV calloege Amritsar. The college facilitated this effort with the help of major financial support from Amandeep Hospital. Tarundeep Singh, Project Administrator, Eco-Amritsar said, “Our aim is to continue a steady input towards the creative makeover of various sites of this beautiful city while keeping the ecological and aesthetic feel intact.” While thanking BBKDAV College and Amandeep Hospital, he emphasized, “The plantation that we have done here at Amritsar has all been institutional where the organisations who have given us space have promised to nurture the trees in all possible ways. One will constantly try to follow up and remind them but nonetheless, we will depend on these people. They all have gardners and water dispersion systems in place.”

The activity has been supported by a month long social media promotion on facebook and whatsapp groups. Radio partners Big FM 92.7 have given momentum to spreading awareness amongst the youth. The print media support has also been complete.

Gunbir Singh, Chairman Eco-Amritsar, Dilbir Foundation, beseeched enlightened citizens and NGO’s to follow the example of Bhagat Puran Singh to stop depending on others, but do what needs to be done by one’s own self. Dedicating the makeover of two pillar at Bhagat Puran Singh Pingalwara crossing to Bhagat jee he said, “Our inspiration for the welfare activities is Bhagat Puran Singh, and our motivation & support for the environment is from Baba Sewa Singh of Khadur Sahib.”

These endeavors have spurred action in other cities as well. Young Indians (YI) of Ludhiana adopted and announced plans to make over the Khalsa College Roundabout, as also put up trash bins at a mandir and gurudwara along with replacing normal taps with less thirsty push button taps. They joined hands with CII Chandigarh & various schools to present children with reusable bags with conservation messages.

EcoSikh Earth Day 2015 Tree Plantation (18)

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