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EcoSikh Appeals for Clean and Green Anandpur Sahib on 350th Anniversary

EcoSikh Organised 87KM Clean-Up for Anandpur Sahib Sustainability

2015 Nagar Kirtan EcoSikh Young Flares Nadar00008

Sikh Youth Teams Posing with their Garbage Truck

Ludhiana 23rd May 2015; The US based EcoSikh organised a massive clean up to pitch their appeal for the sustainability of Sri Anandpur Sahib, on the occasion of 350th anniversary of the holy city. Youth teams from EcoSikh and Ludhiana based Young Flares and Nadar Foundation hand-picked the trash on 87km of 577 km of nagar kirtan stretch on Guru Gobind Singh Marg, from Alamgir Sahib to Chamkaur Sahib.

Anandpur Sahib, the only holy place of Sikhs in Punjab, surrounded by serene hills, with a high rich historical significance, has faced a massive degradation of air, water and land in the past few decades. Where the extensive use of pesticides and crop growth boosters have caused disastrous affects to the underground water of the area and the deforestation has destroyed the natural habitat.

Said EcoSikh India Project Manager, Ravneet Singh, “The environmental state of Anandpur Sahib is at alarming stage. It is necessary for the public and government to ban the use of plastic bags and promote organic agriculture in the city. The deras and Nihung Jathebandis shall create projects to safeguard the pawan, pani and dharti of birthplace of the Khalsa. During Holla Mohalla, they must refrain from plastics and styrofoam and use bio-degradable material to serve langar..”

2015 Nagar Kirtan EcoSikh Young Flares Nadar00015 2015 Nagar Kirtan EcoSikh Young Flares Nadar00028

“The clean-up drive during the nagar kirtan is a symbolic for public awareness. Making the Guru’s land sustainable for next hundreds of years shall be the Sikh vision as we celebrate 350th anniversary of Anandpur Sahib.” Added Ravneet Singh.

Young Gursahib Singh from the Young Flares stated, “In the past two years, the Young Flares have been promoting cleanliness as a part of sewa, a religious duty during the nagar kirtans. Our teams hand picked the litter of others on Guru Gobind Singh Marag. We interacted with the villages on route to create an understanding that it is a Sikh duty to see that our ceremonies are conducted in harmony with nature. Disposables made of Styrofoam and plastics do not comply with sarbat da bhalla”

Hundreds of volunteers were inspired, who joined hands in collecting trash behind the Guru Granth Sahib palki throughout the procession The clean up teams collected a truck full of garbage, which was packed in recyclable bags and handed the loads to the nearest city corporation.

2015 Nagar Kirtan EcoSikh Young Flares Nadar00005

Trucking the Garbage at Procession Route

2015 Nagar Kirtan EcoSikh Young Flares Nadar00009

Team Posing with Collected Trash after Daylong Sewa

News coverage by Daily Post


2015 Nagar Kirtan EcoSikh Young Flares Nadar00014

2015 Nagar Kirtan EcoSikh Young Flares Nadar00022

2015 Nagar Kirtan EcoSikh Young Flares Nadar00019

2015 Nagar Kirtan EcoSikh Young Flares Nadar00021

2015 Nagar Kirtan EcoSikh Young Flares Nadar00017 2015 Nagar Kirtan EcoSikh Young Flares Nadar00010

2015 Nagar Kirtan EcoSikh Young Flares Nadar00025

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