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EcoSikh supports fantastic new competition for young environmental leaders

We’re proud to be working with Sukrit Trust (India) to launch a creativity contest for young environmental leaders, which we have called EcoFest.
The competition was launched on the Gurpurb of Guru Nanak Dev Ji on November 28, and between then and the deadline of January 31, 2013, students are invited to submit a range of different kind of works on environmental themes.
The prizes will be ecofriendly, and they also include a total of US$1,000 donated by EcoSikh. All prize winners will also receive Certificates of Environmental Leadership.
The winners of each category will be announced on March 1, but an overall “EcoSikh” winner will be announced by EcoSikh on March 14, Sikh Environment Day, for the candidate who in our opinion has provided work that can best assist our vision of Sikhs, all around the world, wanting to protect the environment because it is what their faith teaches them is important. Click to the links provided to download EcoFest posters in English and Punjabi
There are three categories of students:

  • class 9th and 10th;
  • plus one and plus two; and
  • college students.

All are invited to write an essay, a short story (up to 1,500 word limit), a poem (up to 20 lines); a slogan (with a short summary on how it could be used); a picture; or a movie (up to 3 minutes) posted on YouTube or Vimeo.

Competitors are invited to consider the importance of water in Sikhism

Subjects include:

  • — Saving the rivers of Punjab
  • — Composting from my kitchen
  • — A world without flowers
  • — How my friends and I cleaned up our street
  • — Rubbish! Who wants it and how can we use it?
  • — Nearer to Nature, Nearer to God: a story about   Guru Har Rai Ji
  • — Making my gurdwara greener
  • — The significance of water/pani in Sikhism
  • — How to make Nagar Kirtans/Diwali/Festivals green
  • — A short drama or story about people who began to address the environmental  crisis by changing their everyday lives
  • — Finding the wonders of nature around me.

The team at EcoSikh is excited to be working with Sukrit on this. We hope there are plenty of entries and that we will be encouraged to make this a regular competition, inspiring thousands of young Sikhs to be environmental leaders and entrepreneurs for many years to come.
Link here to find out details. Contact Sukrit directly if you’d like some posters for your school noticeboard.
Good luck!