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EcoAmritsar and Chief Khalsa Diwan signs MoU

January 2, 2014; Chief Khalsa Diwan (CKD), the premier social welfare and educational society, and EcoAmritsar signed an MOU today at a media event at the CKD. The MOU envisages a continued engagement between the two for social welfare and awareness programs for keeping harmony with nature, city cleanliness and greenification.
Mr. Charanjit Singh Chadha, President CKD, expressed his satisfaction on the Seva being carried out under the EcoAmritsar programme, and said that we are happy to associate with them. The first event together shall be the Guru Gobind Ji Gurpurabh Nagar Kirtan on 6th January, where it shall be ensured that cleanliness before, and after, the procession is maintained. He stated, “The association will be a clear message to society that cleanliness and godliness is akin, and we must pay our respect to this Holy City by playing our role as citizens positively.”
Dr. Santokh Singh, Vice President CKD, stated,” We had announced our intention to work with EcoAmritsar at their stakeholders meet last week. With this MOU all Guru Harkrishan Public Schools shall have their own Eco Green Clubs, and the students given training to be responsible citizens.”
Said Gunbir Singh, Chairman EcoAmritsar,” Support shall also be sought from World Wide Fund For Nature(WWF) to create a calendar of ecological events for children in the institutions of CKD. The society has a avid nursery of over 55000 potential green warriors in 46 schools, 3 colleges and the orphanage who can be trained to be responsible to the environment. The MOU therefore is handsome news indeed for all of us.”
The EcoAmritsar program has been well received by the SGPC, Khalsa College Society, GND University, Iskon Society, Churches,Mosques and community at large. The message of responsible citizenship has also been adopted by various NGO’s as their own, therefore redoubling the endeavour for a Clean and Green Amritsar by 2017.