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Eco-Amritsar Announces Amritsar Foundation Day Celebrations on 27th June

437th Amritsar Foundation Day 2014, Eco-Amritsar EcoSikh
21st June, Amritsar, India — In the honour of the great founder of the city of Amritsar, Guru Ram Das Ji, who established Chak Ramdasspur in 1577, Eco-Amritsar (an EcoSikh initiative in Amritsar) today launched it’s second annual campaign to call upon the citizens of Amritsar to stand as responsible citizens to revive the genuine glory of the sacred city. The city that welcomes over 25 million pilgrims and tourists each year, and therefore the host city faces many environmental challenges. On the prime occasion of its 437th anniversary, the need to address it’s challenges to sanitation, health, public transport, air and water pollution that pose a threat to its sustainability becomes much essential. EcoSikh has revived the Amritsar Foundation Day aka Amritsar Asthapna Divas, last year in 2013 after 36 years of big gap, since it was lastly celebrated by SGPC and Government of Punjab. The organisation has adopted this day as an annual opportunity to address the issues of the city, and to raise awareness for its environmental conservation and incorporate the citizens’ energy under the maxim of:

“Amritsar- My City, My Pride, My Responsibility !”

Postcard released on 400th Anniversary of Amritsar in 1977

Postcard released on 400th Anniversary of Amritsar in 1977

Eco-Amritsar, (as a founder member of Green Pilgrimage Network formed by UK based Alliance of Religions and Conservation), would collaborate with the various stakeholders of this great city to celebrate the its foundation day as one of its major awareness projects generating traction towards an environmentally conscious citizenship in Amritsar with a focus on

  • Save, harvest and reuse water
  • Reduce and utilise waste
  • Go natural and organic
  • Audit & Conserve energy
  • Sustain greenification
  • Clean and beautify city

Our aim is to make a visible difference within the 2017 time frame when Amritsar becomes 440 years of age.
Amritsar Foundation Day 2014 Press Conference EcoSikh (2)The organisation released ‘I am Responsible‘ stickers at the press conference today. Said Gunbir Singh, Chairman EcoAmritsar, “Amritsar is our city and our pride. As a host city for millions of pilgrims we have responsibilities as well. The resurgence of activity by city interests groups, stakeholders and citizens is heartening. Ram Das Pur’s time for renaissance and revival depends upon each citizen and their collective responsibility. We see this change happening.”
EcoSikh President, Dr. Rajwant Singh believes, “The EcoAmritsar program has excited excellent initiatives in the cities of Nanded, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ludhiana, Patiala, Jalandhar and elsewhere. EcoSikh acknowledges the work done by Amritsar, and shall continue support activity for cleaning and greening of this sacred land to achieve change by 2017.”
Eco Amritsar-I am Responsible- EcoSikh
As the city of Amritsar celebrates its 437th anniversary on 27th June, Eco-Amritsar has organized a Foundation Day procession, which shall be flagged off by Jathedar Giani Gurbachan Singh Ji at Sri Akal Takhat Sahib Gate at 7AM. The procession will reach the Company Bagh and gather at the New Parking Lot near the skating rink at 8.30AM. All are humbly invited.
We are appealing to all communities and religious bodies for endorsement and adoption as well. This is a project of the people, and needs popular support for it to succeed, and become effective. No one person or organisation can accomplish all that is needed for the city. But, the collective will and endeavour by citizens can bring about a meaningful change.
Tarundeep Singh, Project Administrator, EcoAmritsar appreciates the huge contributions made by the media, social, educational and religious organisations and individuals, which have made these beginnings possible and further creating boost to help us create new programmes for the city. Although he firmly believes that to achieve the pinnacle of thought of the Eco-Amritsar program, more initiatives at the level of communities are required earnestly.
Local accomplishments since Amritsar Foundation Day 2013:

  • Sustaining Two Zero Disposal Parks
  • SGPC Contributions in spreading awareness through religious discourses, plantations at Gurdwaras and properties, educational seminars, incorporating solar energy and other energy saving techniques.
  • Green Nagar Kirtans (7 in total), and Green Chhabils.
  • Achieving night sanitation, dust bin installations and cleaning through Baba Kulwant Singh ji and his daily jathas from 64 villages bordering Ajnala.
  • Installation of dustbins by Voice of Amritsar at Basant Avenue.
  • Eco Clubs and ecological activities at Educational Institutions.
  • Initiation of Focal Point Make Over through Freedom Industries.
  • Recognizing & exhibiting works of 22 national artists on Amritsar at International Airport Departure Lounge through Indian Academy of Fine Arts.
  • Partnerships and MOU’s with various educational and other organisations.
  • Greenification & Plantations at Bhai Vir Singh, Gurudwaras, Hall Bazar Mosque, schools…
  • Bird houses at Guru Ka Bagh, Radha Krishan Mandir, Mosque, Miri Piri Academy and St Mary’s Church
  • Interfaith Community engagements through Green Christmas, Gau Chetna Yatra etc.
  • Introducing new youth awareness techniques such as Wheat-Pasting, Flash Mobs, Green Valentine’s day, AFAT (Amritsar for Amritsar Transformation) etc.
  • International engagements at Lahore, Mumbai, Osaka and Amritsar.
  • Eco-Amritsar is striving to partner globally under the Green Pilgrimage Network (GPN) to bring in technical expertise and investment partners to deliver renewable energy and sustainable infrastructure projects to the city.

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For more information please contact Tarundeep Singh at 95018-37700 or email at [email protected]