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EcoSikh Gives Talk on Environmental Care to Ludhiana Students

May 25th: Ludhiana; Last week the Dream and Beauty Charitable Trust, Ludhiana invited EcoSikh Project Manager, Ravneet Pal Singh to interact with their students at their Youth Empowerment Wing: “MargDarshan” and inspire them to love nature and being more respectful to Mother Earth.
In the begining of the session Ravneet found that all the students were being trained for Customer Service Relation (CSR) and were about to appear for interviews begin with new jobs very soon. EcoSikh began with an interactive questioning on, “How would they promote their sales? And how would they maintain the prosperity of their company as they start?” The students came up with vaious answers which would concluded that ‘customer respect’ and ‘long term relations’ is the key to run any business. The students were welcomed on stage they were asked to act like customer and dealer with EcoSikh so as they would learn some tricks during the act.
EcoSikh converged the talk towards environment care and asked them, “Whats the key to healthy and long life? And how can you care your generations to stay healthy while they have to arrive on Earth yet? The talk continued and conclusions were parallel to running a business, that is in case we need to live a healthy and prosperous life and we want same for our generations to follow, we need to respect our mother Earth and create a harmonious relationship with our surrounding environment. Information on how we can save water at home, and work and how is rearing a tree or plant is important for our generations to follow were also discussed.
The students promised to adopt the new learnt techniques to customer care and Mother Earth Care and update them on their notice board everyweek to share their experiences.