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Pope Francis Hails Multi-Faith Climate Change March

July 1, 2015: Vatican City – US based leading Sikh global environmental organization, EcoSikh presented the Sikh perspective on Climate Change. Sikh representatives shared Guru Nanak teachings on environmental issues to a huge gathering comprising of over 100 youth environmental leaders and hundreds of social activists from all over the world at the opening of a major international event for climate action at Rome, Italy. The conference was hosted by U.S. based Green Faith.


The Sikhs included EcoSikh India Project Manager Ravneet Singh, EcoSikh USA Project Manager Sumeet Kaur and Gurmel Singh a religious teacher and an emerging environmentalists from HongKong. The EcoSikh team was specially invited to this international People’s Climate March and a convergence of young emerging leaders on climate action which was organised by FOCSIV, an Italian Catholic organisation and Our Voices, an interfaith global climate movement.

Ravneet Singh from EcoSikh sung Guru Nanak’s message of Pawan Guru Pani Pita Mata Dharat Mahat before the start of the People’s Climate March. The climate march was a symbolic thanks giving to Pope Francis for his recent papal encyclical on Climate Change. Said Ravneet, “The climate change and environmental degradation is a moral issue. We are thankful to the Pope for his leadership on climate change and urge greater action and support by all the faith leaders. We have major issues of declining underground water level and overuse of chemicals and fertilizers further damaging the water resources. There is a suffering is the air and in the water and there is suffering in the food. At least 90 out of every 100,000 persons are cancer patients in Punjab.”

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Sharing follow up plans Ravneet Singh said that EcoSikh will be attending the two consecutive meetings of the United Nations in Paris and Bristol, UK aiming to create partnerships with the UN. The Sikh organisation is also working on an action plan for various sustainability projects at sacred places of Guru Nanak in Pakistan to mark 550th birth anniversary of the Guru in 2019. 

EcoSikh’s North America Project Manager Sumeet Kaur quoted about the event, “It was an amazing experience with over 100 young emerging environmental leaders from all the 6 continents representing as one family of the planet shouting out for climate justice.”

Confirming his action plan Gurmel Singh from HongKong said, “HongKong is already suffering due to climate change. As Sikhs we stand with the entire humanity and with Pope’s righteous action. We will continue planting trees in HongKong and nurture our young Sikh children with the Guru’s teachings on nature to protect the planet’s future.”

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This global event was addressed by the Pope Francis at St. Peter’s Square, “I especially greet the participants in the march “One earth, One family”. I encourage the collaboration between people and associations of different religions for the promotion of an integral ecology.” Said Pope.

The interfaith march included leaders from Christianity, Jews, Islam, Sikhism, Hindus, Buddhists, Bahai’s and native traditions from Mexico, Philippines, USA, HongKong, Italy, Brazil, Nepal, Srilanka, Indian states of Punjab, Varanasi, Vrindavan, Mumbai, Chennai and islands of the mid pacific.

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