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Why CleanAirPunjab ?

EcoSikh and Clean Air Punjab invites you to demand Right to Breathe Clean air. Punjab reported as many as 41,090 deaths in the year 2019 attributable to air pollution, which is 18.8% of the total fatalities.


We all know that Delhi has become the poster child for Air Pollution in India, but now Punjab is also not far behind. We all are aware of the current scenario of Covid-19 and the oxygen crisis it has created, people are dying because of the shortage of oxygen cylinders. Scientists say that the third wave of Covid-19 will adversely affect the children. The present polluted air is further adding the risk by making our lungs weak. Just imagine the situation if there is no clean air to breathe and the pollution level keeps on rising on, how are we going to survive. 


A few decades ago when our water sources got polluted, everybody installed RO purifiers or started getting bottled water at home. Now our air is getting polluted so should we all install air purifiers at home, offices or class rooms and carrying oxygen cylinders when we send our kids to play in the park? What about the large population of the country who cannot afford air purifiers. It is time for us to start demanding our government for our right to breathe clean air. Students wrote letters to Chief Minister sharing their concern about the rise in Air pollution. 

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Discussion on Air Pollution : The Reality of Punjab  on 23rd June 2021.

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