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Eco-Leadership from Ludhiana’s Industries

Ludhiana remains one of Punjab’s most densely populated, industrialized cities, but with strong environmental leadership, Punjab’s industries can contribute to human wellbeing of citizens.
To support United Cycle & Parts Manufacturers Association, partnered with EcoSikh for an annual summit to discuss environmental challenges facing Ludhiana and Punjab. EcoSikh Chair Dr. Rajwant Singh and Program Manager Ravneet Singh exhorted the industry to take the leading role in creating environmental awareness campaign in Ludhiana, and Senior Councilor S. Pal Singh Grewal to designate a day, which would be Ludhiana Day to reflect upon means to make the city environmentally sustainable. EcoSikh also expressed a need for increasing demand for organic food through individual homes starting from leading industries themselves and creating more consciousness for healthy food consumption.
An appeal was further made for industries to adopt schools and colleges in the city for rainwater harvesting, plantation and solar energy, adopting public spaces such as parks and roads for maintenance.
Senior Councilor S. Pal Singh Grewal, along with industrial and religious leaders appreciated the efforts to conserve and protect the environment being taken at the forum. The Ludhiana Municipal Corporation and a number of industrial committed to taking appropriate steps for the safety of environment, cooperating with the public.