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This is the 479th birth anniversary of our beloved fourth Guru, Sri Guru Ramdas who in his most famous hymn depicted his love for all creatures and plants on earth, which today we call “biodiversity.
EcoAmritsar 2013 banners3Being followers of Guru Ramdas, Sikhs are duty-bound to act faithfully throughout the year, to protect all creatures, including endangered species which are facing huge challenges due to increasing urbanisation in the world and especially in the Sikh homeland of Punjab.
The rapidly growing population, increased traffic, excessive use of pesticides, noise and light pollution, garbage, and reduction of forest cover are some of the greatest causes of problems. Birds, land animals and water species are facing a critical loss of habitat, the world is losing its biodiversity and not enough people are noticing this loss. Yet.
We at EcoSikh believe that celebrating Guru Ramdas’s Gurpurab on the theme of conservation of biodiversity will definitely open doors of thought and actions towards saving and reviving nature.
What can be a better tribute to our Guru who was so passionate for creation?
In the hymn of the fourth Guru, all the species of air, land, and water, chant and praise the Almighty:

Jo Bolath Hai Mrig Meen Pankhaeroo So Bin Har Jaapath Hai Nehee Hor ||3|| … (Mahalla: 4, 1265 Sri Guru Granth Sahib)

What can we do? How can we celebrate?

Here are some ideas but please add your own and let us know.

  • Create a Eco-Team and clean up your nagar kirtan
  • Install bird or bat boxes at your local Gurdwara
  • Plant flowers to attract bees and butterflies – local NGOs will know what local species are best.
  • Do not use plastic and styrofoam this Gurpurab… and try to make changes for the rest of the year
  • Clean up your Gurdwara
  • Donate a dustbin to your Gurdwara (if it’s required) or to your local stalls and shops around the gurdwara, if your gurdwara already has dustbins.
  • Plant a tree, or tend one that needs looking after
  • Join a cleanup in your local area, or if there is not one, then organize one: get a local business to sponsor you for recycled bin bags, gloves, hi-vis jackets etc.
  • Offer prayers for insight from the Almighty about how you can protect nature better
  • Be an EcoSikh in your daily life and show others how they can join you.

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