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Amritsar Foundation Day Celebrations Begins…Day#1

Waste to Vegetable and Zero Disposal Park-II Projects Launched

ZDP Level II Amritsar FOundation Day Eco Amritsar EcoSikhJune 23, 2014, Amritsar: Amritsar Foundation Day (AFD) celebrations began today with the launch of two projects for the city’s sustainability. Early this morning Green Avenue Main Park (Verka Booth) became the first community park of the city to harvest fertile manure from its vermi-composting pits started under the Eco-Amritsar program.
Said Dr. Harvinder Sandhu, President of the Park Committee, “ We are happy to have harvested black gold from our garden waste within a few months of filling up of the pit. We are now a Model Park for the Eco-Amritsar program of Zero Disposal Parks, and would welcome other parks of the city to see, and join the program.”

ZDP Level II Black Gold- Amritsar Foundation Day Eco-Amritsar EcoSikh

Zero Disposal Park at Green Ave on 437th Amritsar Foundation Day

Eco-Amritsar also initiated its ‘Waste to Vegetable’ project by creating a Responsible Household that converts all its green waste to manure, and grows organic, toxic pesticide and fertilizer free, vegetable for the family. The process involves simple segregation of waste in two dustbins and using a Garbage Composter to treat green trash. Twice a week
CII Convener Amritsar Pardeep Sehgal at Inauguration

CII Convener, Amritsar Pardeep Sehal at Inauguration

liquid manure becomes available for use to nurture happy plants and trees. At the end of 6 weeks compost is ready. The Responsible home model has not thrown out 80% of its waste for the last two months. It has generated pesticide & fertilizer vegetables such as cucumbers, mint, coriander, tomatoes and ladyfingers. The added advantage is that the home, and the neighbourhood, is free of stink, flies, maggots and cockroaches which are the cause by putrefying garbage.
Inaugurating the project, Mr. Pradeep Sehgal, Convener, Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) Amritsar Core Committee, expressed his delight on the concept and stated, “The Waste to Vegetable program for Responsible Homes contributes positively to the family health & home economy. I intend to take it up at my home and office, and reach out to businesses and citizens to adopt the same.”
Gunbir Singh Showing his kitchen waste composters-EcoAmritsar EcoSikh

Eco-Amritsar Chairman, Gunbir Singh showing kitchen waste composters

Said Gunbir Singh, Chairman, Eco-Amritsar, “The Holy City generates over 700 tons of waste each day which the municipal systems is ill equipped to handle. Above 70% of trash from households is green trash. A little effort using composters ensure a home free of pests, gives us liquid manure every three days that keeps all houseplants happy, and converts trash to fresh organic vegetable on extra land or terrace spaces.”
Eco-Amritsar shall continue to run programs from 23-29 June as a part of the Amritsar Foundation Day 2014 celebrations.
Check out the video from Amritsar Foundation Day celebrations when the Green Ave, ZDP park was launched in 2013