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December 2011

— Oxford University invites EcoSikh to map religious forests
— Dreams of Hope by Saffron Press
— Baba Sewa Singh receives environmental protection award
— Save the Date, March 14th, Sikh Environment Day 2012
— Bhai Vir Singh’s poetry

November 2011: 

— Amritsar Joins the Green Pilgrimage Network
— EcoSikh Visits Thane sustainable city
— Clean air on Bandi Chorr Diwas
— Gurdwaras in Jalandhar district selected for rainwater harvesting
— A note on sarovars

October 2011: 

— Green Amritsar to be represented at conference in Italy
— Punjab environment summit
— Guru Ka Bagh: Gurdwara garden project
— Baru Sahib educational trust switches to solar
— EcoSikh at Safar conference on Sikhi and women
— An inspiring story from Sikh history

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