EcoSikh banner for partnered events

You are welcome to use the EcoSikh banner for partnered programmes. We allow this for groups acting in good spirit, and ask that you do not misuse our banner for political or financial gain.

  1. Tell us in advance what you are doing, as a Sikh community, gurdwara, school or business doing environmental actions, and ask for our partnership.
  2. Send us a short formal plan, including what, when, where, who is participating, and what change you hope to bring about.
  3. We will reply within two working days.
  4. Send us a final version of your banner by email, in .jpg form (less than 3MB)
  5. Tell us how you did: preferably in a short report, or a copy of your press release. We’d love to see a few of your best pictures (no more than five please)

Please click HERE to download the EcoSikh banner (6.5MB) in PDF.