We have three key programs at EcoSikh, as well as our general, and wonderful mission to help every Sikh remember and recognise that it is part of our faith to be gentle to the planet, and learn how to live that every day.

1. Sikh Environment Day

The first is to help Sikhs celebrate March 14th, or the days around it, as Sikh Environment Day, with people planting saplings, radio programs broadcasting environmental messages, ragis singing green gurbanis, people cooking organic (or kind-to-the-environment) food, gurdwaras discussing green energy and implementing green energy solutions, schools giving green lessons, organising Green Nagar Kirtans, and so much else…

2. Green Pilgrimage Network

The second is to help and encourage the cities of Amritsar and Nanded to be active Green Pilgrimage Cities, as members of the Green Pilgrimage Network.

3. Green Gurdwaras

The third is to help gurdwaras in India and the diaspora become sustainable – and models of sustainability for the entire Sikh community.


We understand that the collective, humble efforts of Sikhs around the world are what make the greatest impact. EcoSikh works by building a space for Sikhs to strengthen their commitments to the entire creation, so that we contribute to a healthy, prosperous world, for our generation and future generations.